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New year’s nails


An updated post with more pictures (2015-01-02) Just a quick post from my mobile … I’ve got to post a pic of my new year’s nails! I promised sparkling nails and this is my most sparkling polish I own.
Glam Polish “Bewitched”.

I really don’t have words for how beautiful this polish is!! It sparkles so much!! It’s a silver holographic base with larger round holographic glitters that really gives an extra dimension to this polish.

Pic taken with my mobile phone (HTC One)

Indoors, flash

   Indoors, flash

Two coats over ordinary base coat and one coat of top coat gives this dazzling look!


Outside, no flash

Outside, no flash


This is like having crushed diamonds on my nails, I love it!!!

You can buy Glam Polish from Edgy Polish, they offer world wide shipping!

I promise to update this post tomorrow with better photos but untill then I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I hope 2015 will be a really good year ❤

A Chameleon … Isadora “Chameleon Crush”


This polish has a very suitable name – Chameleon Crush – because it’s many colors in one polish! It’s grey, blue, purple and gold. A true chameleon. It’s from Isadoras textured collection “Sugar Crush”. I bought this polish recently when I was browsing around the Internet It came out 2012 I think but some shops still have it in stock 🙂

Isadora Chameleon Crush

Two coats and no top coat.

Isadora Chameleon Crush

Depending on the light this polish looks grey, blue, purple and you can see the gold shimmer as well.



Snowy landscape

A wintery scene from my in-laws garden in Småland, Sweden.

Now it’s time to think about what to wear for New Years Eve … I promise, you will not be disappointed, it’s gonna be sparkling!!

Black Dahlia Lacquer “South Congress Bats”


In Austin (Tx) they have a bridge namned Congress Avenue Bridge where millions of bats stay under spring and summer. I’ve never been to Austin but a friend of mine has and she went to the bridge, it’s really crowded with bats. Black Dahlia Lacquer, an indie nail polish brand, origins from Texas and in their Capital Collection they have a nail polish called “South Congress Bats”.


The polish is gorgeous! It’s an army green to grey leaning scattered holo. It applies like butter, I have two coats on the pictures and maybe if you apply thicker you could get away with one?

I really love grey leaning holos … I have a few … pink to grey, lavender to grey, brown to grey …DSC_0469

Today I tested “Aqua Fix” base coat from Make Up Store for the first time. It’s a aqua based base coat for holographic polish that prevents application issues (aka holo sickness). 


Look at this gorgeous macro shot!



Freezing cold and icy nails


Brrr, it’s freezing cold here in the southern parts of Sweden.This morning it was -10°C (14°F). We have almost no snow yet but the little there is makes the grass frosty and you get that icy, cold feeling when you go outside so to match the weather I’ve got “icy nails” today.

Snow and ice

OPI “Alpine Snow” with Color Club “Covered in Diamonds”

This is two coats of OPI “Alpine Snow” and two coats of Color Club Nail Lacquer “Covered in Diamonds” (at least what I think is CID, my bottle has no name label) and top coat. Covered in Diamonds is a flakie topper that needs more than one coat of top coat. I’ve only got one at the pictures and the surface is really rough.

Ice cold nails

Ice cold hand with icy nails …


Blue sky and nails

Look at the iridiscent flakes!

I really like the look of these nails, they match the frost outside perfectly. A good choice for a winter mani if I may say so myself 🙂

L’Oréal Colour Riche “Kimono Empire”


Today (or actually it’s yesterday’s nails) I have a gorgeous dark plum, a very regal shade with a very suitable name “Kimono Empire” from L’Oréal Colour Riche to show you.

L'Oréal Colour Riche "Kimono Empire"

L’Oréal Colour Riche “Kimono Empire”, two coats, no top coat, look at the shine!

My husband really liked this shade, he said “you should always wear this, then you wouldn’t have to buy any more nail polish”. Bah, like that really would happen!! Ha ha!

Then I took out a polish bottle I bought in NJ, USA this summer at a local beauty shop. I think I paid $1 for it(!) It’s a Color Club Nail Lacquer with no name label on it. I think it’s “Covered in Diamonds” but I’m not quite sure. I painted two coats on my ringfinger and then top coat on all nails.

Color Club Nail Lacquer "Covered in Diamonds"?

Color Club Nail Lacquer “Covered in Diamonds”?

Kimono Empire + what I think is Color Club "Covered in Diamonds" on my ringfinger

Kimono Empire + what I think is Color Club “Covered in Diamonds” on my ringfinger

I think this dark purple is very suitable color for fall/winter and I surely will wear it soon again!

Foxy Paws “Let It Go”


Today I have a nail polish inspired of Disney’s film “Frozen”, it’s Foxy Paws “Let It Go”. Foxy Paws is a Danish brand created by Charlotte. She has her own polish store where you can buy several indie brands including Foxy Paws.

Bottle shot of Foxy Paws "Let It Go"

Bottle shot of Foxy Paws “Let It Go”

This is a light blue shade with different sizes of white glitter in it that gives the polish a snowy touch. The consistency is great and it becomes opaque with two coats. Because of the glitter it need one or more coats of top coat. I have one coat in the pictures but I should need one more, the surface is still rough.

Foxy Paws "Let It Go"

Foxy Paws “Let It Go”

This polish has a little surprise … It glows in the dark! Of course you have to “charge” it in lamp light first but you don’t need a black light to get it to glow 🙂

Glow shot

Glow shot

The first photo is taken in a not entirely dark room and the second one is taken in total darkness. A bit blurry but you’ll still get the picture! Who needs a night light when you have glow polish!?! 😀

It really glows in the dark!!

It really glows in the dark!!

Let it go Foxy Paws

A blue that does remind you of Elsa’s dress in Frozen, don’t you think?



New Years nails – Weekly nail art challenge


This week it’s time for new years nails in last week of December’s weekly nail art challenge. I’ve created my design with holographic and glitter polishes as well as some freehand painting (oh boy, do I suck at freehand painting 😛 )

Week 4: New Years

Week 4: New Years

The polishes I used is: Butter London “Pearly Queen” (as underwear for the holo), KBShimmer “In bare form”, Black Dahlia Lacquer “Sparklefest” (at least I believe it’s “Sparklefest”, my bottle is without name label) and Depend “Champagne Night” (nr 4039).

WNAC Dec 14 - New Years

WNAC Dec 14 – New Years


Here’s a summary of the designs of WNAC December, theme Sparkles

Week 1: Glitter Week 2: Snow Week 3: Garland Week 4: New Years