A England “Princess Tears”

A England "Princess Tears"

A England “Princess Tears”

Today’s nails are this stunning holo from A England called “Princess Tears”. It’s from the Legend collection and was released a couple of years ago but I got my hands on this polish yesterday.

It’s a greyish pale lavender/lilac holo, with duochromatic shifts. Really beautiful. It’s not a strong linear holo but more subtle but very beautiful.

A England "Princess Tears"

A England “Princess Tears” – greyish pink

More lilac showing here

More lilac showing here

The formula was great as all of A England polishes. I have two coats on for total opacity.

A England is one of my favorite brands. Their polishes are of great quality and they present very beautiful shades. If you don’t have a bottle from A England I suggest you go and buy one 😀

You can find a England at www.edgypolish.comwww.hypnoticpolish.com or www.harlowandco.com for example. A England has an official shop as well but I haven’t ordered from their site.


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