Subtle white gradient


I got nail mail yesterday from a dear friend on Instagram ❤ and I had to try one of the polishes right away, Catrice LE Viennart Collection “Pearlescent Purpose”.

It’s a gorgeous warm white pearl and I thought it was the perfect base for a subtle holo gradient so I added Indigo Bananas “Do you have a Flag?”, which is a gorgeous white/silver holographic polish. I didn’t sponge this gradient, I only used the brush and painted several layers on top.

White holo gradient

White holo gradient


Catrice “Pearlescent Purpose” and Indigo Bananas “Do you have a Flag?”

I just love the effect! ❤ It’s elegant, soft and very feminine.

close up

Do you se the holo effect?

I think these nails will stay on for the whole weekend 🙂 But you never know, I’m known for changing polish often!! Ha ha!

Catrice isn’t available in Sweden (check for store locators) but you can find Indigo Bananas at

Have a wonderful Saturday!!


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