Hypnotic swirls



Hypnotic candy swirls

Hypnotic candy swirls

Today’s post is about using nail vinyls to create an easy and fun design. For this design I have used nail vinyls from Twinkled_t (www.twinkledt.com)

You will need:

  • base coat of your choice
  • two (or more) colored polishes
  • fast drying top coat
  • nail vinyls
  • tweezer

cyclone vinyls + top coat

  1. Paint your nails with base coat, let it dry.
  2. Apply color 1 on all your nails or just an accent nail (or two nails as I did).
  3. If needed repeat step 2.
  4. Apply fast drying top coat. I recommend HK Girl from Glisten&Glow. Let it dry completely, at least 20-25 min, otherwise the vinyls will take off the polish.
  5. Apply your vinyls. You can move them a little but be careful.
  6. Apply color 2 all over your nail(s).
  7. Remove the vinyl immediately, lift it off carefully with a tweezer.
  8. Let the design dry for a couple of minuts them apply top coat again.
  9. Ready!
Close up of the finished result

Close up of the finished result



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