A charming nail polish – Charmaine from M.U.S.


I hope you all enjoying the holidays. I sure am 🙂 Yesterday we opened the Christmas gifts (yes, we open our gifts on Christmas eve in Sweden) and I got a lot of good stuff such as a lovely bodylotion with the most delicate scent, a new robe and new slippers as my old ones were totally worn out. And as me being a lacquer nerd I was very pleased that Santa did bring me a polish as well (my oldest daughter bought it to me, thank you very much sweetie <3) and it’s a very beautiful polish in a lovely color as I am a sucker for turquoise and teal …


Turquoise sparkles in the tree – Charmaine by Make Up Store

“Charmaine” from Make Up Store is a sparkling turquoise with lots of micro sparkles, almost a holo. Make Up Store them selves describes it as “a three dimensional nail polish” and I say it’s absolute gorgeous! Perfect turquoise that sparkles when ever light hits the nail surface. It’s almost a OCW, the formula is easy to work with a no holo sickness what so ever.


Gorgeous Charmaine, two coats plus top coat


Outside, indirect light


Outside direct light

Comparison of Crows Toes "An Edgy Ocean Dream", Make Up Store "Charmaine", Black Dahlia Lacquer "SXSW Fever" and A England "Saint George"

Comparison of Crows Toes “An Edgy Ocean Dream”, Make Up Store “Charmaine”, Black Dahlia Lacquer “SXSW Fever” and A England “Saint George”

The weather has been lovely today, crisp cold air and sunshine. I hope it stays that way and maybe we can hope for snow!? In the meantime I sit here thinking of my next WNAC-manicure … I’ll show you tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!


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  1. So beautiful!! Your daughter knows well what you love!!!

    I watched your pic on IG,it remainds me aEngland’s Saint George.(I’m a big fan of it)
    However I watched close up shot on here,I found this shade has big different from Saint George!!

    I think you’re my ‘elegant queen’!!
    This shade match your image 🙂 Totally I love this so much!!


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