Black Dahlia Lacquer “South Congress Bats”


In Austin (Tx) they have a bridge namned Congress Avenue Bridge where millions of bats stay under spring and summer. I’ve never been to Austin but a friend of mine has and she went to the bridge, it’s really crowded with bats. Black Dahlia Lacquer, an indie nail polish brand, origins from Texas and in their Capital Collection they have a nail polish called “South Congress Bats”.


The polish is gorgeous! It’s an army green to grey leaning scattered holo. It applies like butter, I have two coats on the pictures and maybe if you apply thicker you could get away with one?

I really love grey leaning holos … I have a few … pink to grey, lavender to grey, brown to grey …DSC_0469

Today I tested “Aqua Fix” base coat from Make Up Store for the first time. It’s a aqua based base coat for holographic polish that prevents application issues (aka holo sickness). 


Look at this gorgeous macro shot!



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