New year’s nails


An updated post with more pictures (2015-01-02) Just a quick post from my mobile … I’ve got to post a pic of my new year’s nails! I promised sparkling nails and this is my most sparkling polish I own.
Glam Polish “Bewitched”.

I really don’t have words for how beautiful this polish is!! It sparkles so much!! It’s a silver holographic base with larger round holographic glitters that really gives an extra dimension to this polish.

Pic taken with my mobile phone (HTC One)

Indoors, flash

   Indoors, flash

Two coats over ordinary base coat and one coat of top coat gives this dazzling look!


Outside, no flash

Outside, no flash


This is like having crushed diamonds on my nails, I love it!!!

You can buy Glam Polish from Edgy Polish, they offer world wide shipping!

I promise to update this post tomorrow with better photos but untill then I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I hope 2015 will be a really good year ❤

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