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Parisian nails in Copenhagen

piCture pOlish "Paris" a lovely bright coral scattered jelly holo

piCture pOlish “Paris” a lovely bright coral scattered jelly holo

I’m spending my weekend (Saturday to Sunday anyway) in Copenhagen with a friend. It’s always nice to get away and spend some time with a girl friend, catching up, do some (read: a lot of) shopping, eat and drink.
My family is back home missing me terribly(?) 😉 LOL

I thought I’d share my nails for the weekend with you, I’ve chosen piCture pOlish “Paris” ❤ I love Paris, I’ve only been there once and I’d love to go back, especially in spring time. Can you imagine something more romantic than Paris in spring? I don’t think so! 😀

“Paris” from piCture pOlish is a vibrant and bright coral scattered holo and it’s a beautiful shade. As always perfect formula from piCture pOlish. Two coats and top coat.

Bright coral red makes every day happier

Have a nice weekend!

Bottle green nails

Picture Polish "Mallard"

Picture Polish “Mallard”

It’s Wednesday today and time for green nails according to Swedish blogger “Vacker & Underbar”. I decided to join with the beautiful bottle green polish “Mallard” from Picture Polish.

Deep green with golden flecks

Deep green with golden flecks

The polish is a deep green jelly with green and gold glass flecks. I had to paint three thin coats to get full opacity on all nails, I maybe could have got away with two coats on some nails but I did three. It’s really beautiful when the lights hit the nails and shows the golden flecks. In lower light the nails look almost black.

mallard 7

mallard 2

As of no daylight left when I get home from work I had to take all pictures with either flash or direct light from spotlights. Unfortunately I don’t have a light box yet but it’s on my wishlist for my birthday 😉 so this photos is the ones I got.

Head over to Karin’s blogg “Vacker & Underbar” to see more green manicures!!

Outside, daylight

Outside, daylight. I love the glass flecks in green and gold

mallard 9

Purple skittlette with a bow

Purple skittlette

Purple skittlette

It’s time for “texture Tuesday” and today I’ve done a purple skittlette with Isadora “Fresh Linen” (from their new spring collection) on my pinkie and thumb, textured “Cotton Candy”, also from Isadora, on my long finger and pointer and Make Up Store “Lina” on my ring finger where I also placed a bow (bought from Light in the Box).

Cute and girlie

Cute and girly

I just love how this mani turned out ❤ It’s cute and girly, and yes, sometimes I like it girly even though I’m over 40 years old(!) I guess the girl in me never disappears *lol*
I love how the different purples complement each other. I like doing skittlettes, it’s a fun way wearing more than one nail polish in the same mani 🙂

Mani with a bow

Mani with a bow

I don’t know if you see that I’ve got a slightly different nail shape? I’ve filed them more rounded. Maybe I’m going for a more almond shape in the future?! The main reason for changing my squovals into this is that I had difficulty writing on the keyboard, and as I work as a secretary that’s not a good thing. So, what do you think of the new shape?

Mint with an attitude

Lynnderella "Attitude Adjust-Mint"

Lynnderella “Attitude Adjust-Mint”

Today I’m wearing the second Lynnderella polish I bought at Norway Nails a couple of weeks ago. I saw this polish on Instagram about a month ago and knew I had to find it! It’s very often a nail pic triggers my desire and I just have to hunt the polish … Sometimes you get disappointed when you wear the polish your self but this time I’m not disappointed at all.

I love mint colors!

I love mint colors!

Lynnderella “Attitude Adjust-Mint” has a very sheer finish so I have layered it over two coats of mint green China Glaze “Keep Calm, Paint On”. Over that I painted two thin coats of “Attitude Adjust-Mint” and finished with top coat (HK Girl from Glisten & Glow).


ESSIE Cashmere Matte

ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection

ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection, from left to right: “Coat couture”, “Wrap me up”, “Comfy in cashmere” and “Spun in luxe”.

Today I’ve got four polishes from ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection to show you. 🙂  The collection consists of six shades but I ordered the four ones I liked the most from EBay about a week ago. I doubt this collection will launch in Sweden, or the Nordic countries at all(?), too sad, because it’s really a beautiful collection.

ESSIE Cashmere

a clip from

The collection consists of: “Comfy in cashmere”, “Wrap me up”, “Just stiched”, “All eyes on nudes”, “Coat couture” and “Spun in luxe”. I skipped buying “Just stiched” and “All eyes on nudes” so consequently no swatches of these two.

All swatches are base coat, two coats of polish and no top coat.

So on to the swatches (all pictures are taken indoors with flash).

Wrap me up

“Wrap me up”

“Wrap me up”, a “whisper soft pink”.
A beautiful pale pink white shade but I couldn’t get friends with this polish. I applies streaky and I had big trouble get it even. Too bad because it’s a beautiful shade. But because of the formula it’s my least favorite of the four.

Comfy in cashmere

Comfy in cashmere

“Comfy in cashmere”, a “mauve with deep velvet undertones”. 
Oh,, my goodness, I love this bluetoned mauve. This has much better application! A gorgeous shade IMO.

Coat couture

Coat couture

“Coat couture”, a sultry satin greige beneath deep purple shimmer”.
Hm, not purple, not grey, not blue but a mix of them, yes, that’s how I would describe this shade. Nevertheless it’s beautiful. No application issues.

Spun in luxe

Spun in luxe

“Spun in luxe” a “sophisticated matte blue-black”.
ESSIE’s description is accurate for this one, it really is a blue-black shade. Beautiful and sophisticated, but oh so demanding. It shows every imperfection of your nail. Well, I like it anyway.

So, my thoughts of this collection (or at least four polishes out of six) are …Gorgeous polishes, some application issues but I forget about them because of the very nice shades. Though there are some alternative in the indie scene (like Chick Pick Polish I wrote about yesterday) that are at least as good or even better 😉 But I will absolutely wear them again (soon) ❤

Deep purple


No, I’m not talking about the hard rock band Deep Purple … I’m talking about the gorgeous “I mist this (color in my life)” from Chick Pick Polish 😀

Kari’s new matte collection is amazing. Well pigmented and very nice finish. She started her own indie line of polish late last year and offers international shipping through her online shop. Well, back to the polish.

"I mist this (color in my life)" from Chick Pick Polish

“I mist this (color in my life)” from Chick Pick Polish

“I mist this (color in my life)” is a blackened purple with shimmer which makes the polish almost look metallic even though it’s matte! I really love this polish. The application is flawless. The first coat won’t cover the nail but the second coat evens it all up and you’re done 🙂 I always use base coat under my nail polish, and this time is no exception. I used OPI “Natural base coat” and let it dry completely before I begun to paint with the purple.

I added some triangle studs to accent the hard rock vibe ...

I added some triangle studs to accent the hard rock vibe …

I don't have anything like this polish before, truly unique in my collection

I don’t own anything like this polish before, truly unique in my collection

Panda nails

Glam Polish "Tinker Bell" with Chick Pick Polish "Fresh Snow" as an accent with a panda water decal

Glam Polish “Tinker Bell” with Chick Pick Polish “Fresh Snow” as an accent with a panda water decal

For today’s nails I’ve used Glam Polish (again, it’s my favorite brand), a new matte polish from Chick Pick Polish and panda water decals from Born Pretty Store (BLE1493). I really like how these turned out! Cute and funky 🙂

Glam Polish “Tinker Bell” is really a bright lime green. I love it, you must feel happy with such green nails!! This is two coats and top coat. And the white matte polish “Snow Fresh” from Chick Pick Polish is gorgeous. This is three thin coats and of course no top coat.

It's hard holding two bottles! Ha ha!

It’s hard holding two bottles! Ha ha!

This is very suitable for "grön onsdag" (green Wednesday" at the blogg Vacker & Underbar

This is very suitable for “grön onsdag” (green Wednesday) at the blogg Vacker & Underbar

This is my contribution to Green Wednesday at the Swedish blogg Vacker & Underbar, go there to see more green manis!!