A pink dream!


Do you like pink? Some days I just crave for something bright and girlie, like hot pink, so today I have a bright fuchsia pink polish to show you! This pink dream is “Unforgettable Dream” from Australian Glam Polish. It’s an store exclusive polish for Hypnotic Polish and I couldn’t resist buying it when I ordered last time.


Glam Polish “Unforgettable Dream” exclusive for Hypnotic Polish

This is a perfect polish! It’s a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink with blue shimmer that applies like butter. Base coat, two coats and top coat and you’re good to go! Perfect for summer or if you wanna hot up a winter day like I did! 😀

More pictures!


Two coats that applied like butter


Glam Polish has quickly become one of my favorite brands (I have many favorites) and you can find Glam Polish for example at Edgy Polish, Hypnotic Polish, Harlow & Co, Norway Nails and Mei Mei’s Signatures. Glam Polish themselves doesn’t offer international shipping to other countries than the US.


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