Happy birthday Morris!


Today our cat Morris turns 1 year! Happy birthday Morris!!



Morris is a Devon Rex, and he’s a typical Devon who likes to sit on our shoulders, nap under the bed covers at night with me when it’s chilly outside and sounds “quirky” when he wants something special. We all love him very much ❤ ❤ ❤

To celebrate Morris I have of course a cat mani to show you! For this look I have used a custom made polish from Nayll (that I named “Gorgeous Teal”), OPI “My dogsled is a hybrid”, Lime Crime “Milky Ways” and chevron vinys from Nailvinyls.com and water decals (I think I bought the water decals at http://www.foxyfingertips.dk)


Happy birthday skittlette in honor of Morris!


Custom made polish from Nayll, OPI “My dogsled is a hybrid” and Lime Crime “Milky Ways”

Lime Crime “Milky Ways” is a gorgeous vanilla white polish, it becomes opaque in two coats, the first coat may appear a little streaky but that evens out with coat no 2.

OPI “My dogsled is a hybrid” is from OPI’s fall collection 2014, Nordic. It’s a muted jade/aqua/teal shade that I love very much!

My custom made polish from Nayll is consists of a teal jelly base, multiple glitters in aqua, turquoise and gold (maybe more colors, I really don’t remember them all) and white star glitters. I made three polishes, two for me and one for my youngest daughter as a Christmas gift. This teal shade is the first that I try on. On my pictures I have one(1) coat only. Wow, it’s a OCW!!

Nayll Custom made polish

My custom made polish from Nayll “Gorgeous Teal”

The chevron vinyls from Nail Vinyls are very easy to work with. Just remember to wait for your base coat to dry, I always use fast drying top coat (HK Girl from Glisten & Glow) and then I wait 20-30 min before I apply my vinyls.

cat skittlette 1

cat skittlette 2

cat skittlette 3


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