Peridot green nails

Peridot green nails

Peridot green nails

For this green nails I’ve used Zoya “Tangy” and Lynnderella “Peridot Power”.

I bought Tangy in the US last summer and haven’t used it so I thought it was time. It was the perfect base color for my Lynnderella polish, “Peridot Power”, which I bought at 50% discount at Norway Nails when she was having a New Years sale. I always love a good sale!! I bought two Lynnderellas because I was curious of the hype of the brand, I can honestly say I would never pay ordinary price for them, they are just too pricey and not that good. They’re not bad at all, but just not better than other glitter polishes from other indie makers. Besides I really don’t know if they are 3-free (free from Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde). I rather just use 3-free (or 4-free or 5-free) polishes but in this case I just don’t know.

Zoya "Tangy" and Lynnderella "Peridot Power"

Zoya “Tangy” and Lynnderella “Peridot Power”

Zoya “Tangy” is a shimmer/chrome polish, and unfortunately it’s not my favorite finish because of visible brush strokes.

Lynnderella “Peridot Power” is a light green jelly filled with multiple sizes of green glitters in different green shades. You can build it up to opacity but I rather use it as a topper. Because of the heavy amount of glitter it demands a lot of top coat, I have used one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness “Glitterfood top coat” and one coat of HK Girl from Glisten & Glow and the surface is still rough.

Overall I think this turned out quite nice, not my favorite mani but it’s kind of “fresh” looking 😀


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