Green leaves

Spring mani with green leaves

Spring mani with green leaves

Today’s mani has a fresh and springy vibe to it. I love spring, the light returns, everything turns green and begin to live again ❤

Anyway I’ve started out with Love, Angeline “Stone Table” as a base and then I’ve stamped a leave pattern from the plate Explorer 21 from Moyou London. As a stamping polish I’ve used the almost neon green “Tinker Bell” from Glam Polish. I bought both these polishes from Norway Nails when they had their New Year Sale a couple of weeks ago.

Love, Angeline "Stone Table" and Glam Polish "Tinker Bell"

Love, Angeline “Stone Table” and Glam Polish “Tinker Bell”

Love, Angeline “Stone Table” is a white crelly holo with blue and green shimmer filled with iridiscent glitter. The formula was a bit on the thick side but still okay, just be careful when you applie it. I think I got too thick layers on some nails but on some other nails it applied perfect so I think it was me who was doing it wrong.

Glam Polish continues to be one of my favorite indie brands! Every bottle I’ve tried so far (6) is perfect! The formula, the application, the pigmentation, well nothing disappoints me! “Tinker Bell” is no exception. A vibrant lime green, almost neon with silver shimmer. Perfect! And it stamps well!! 🙂

Stone Table, Tinker Bell


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