Leather nails


Matte nails are going to be big this spring. ESSIE is releasing a matte collection (I’ve ordered 4 out of 6 shades of the collection “Cashmere Matte”) and of course some dear indie brands are going to rock matte polishes. You’re gonna see a lot of matte manis from me in the future.

Today I’m gonna show you one of the polishes I got by mail from a dear friend in southern Europe. She was visiting Germany recently and bought a lot of polishes and some were for me ❤ How awesome is that!?!
I got three shades of P2 polishes and one KIKO. Neither P2 or KIKO are sold in Sweden so this is double fun! I’ve chosen the wine red P2 polish with the name “Dresscode: Trendy”. Its finish is “leather matte”which dries to a slightly textured matte finish. Two coats and no top coat.

Leather matte from P2

Leather matte from P2

The playing card charm on my ring finger is from Twinkled T. I used nail glue to attach it to the nail.

P2 "Dress code: Trendy"

P2 “Dress code: Trendy”

I really like how this looks. The color is a very classy shade but the texture adds something new too the look and then ofc I like my little playing card charm. Hope you like them too.


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