Purple skittlette with a bow

Purple skittlette

Purple skittlette

It’s time for “texture Tuesday” and today I’ve done a purple skittlette with Isadora “Fresh Linen” (from their new spring collection) on my pinkie and thumb, textured “Cotton Candy”, also from Isadora, on my long finger and pointer and Make Up Store “Lina” on my ring finger where I also placed a bow (bought from Light in the Box).

Cute and girlie

Cute and girly

I just love how this mani turned out ❤ It’s cute and girly, and yes, sometimes I like it girly even though I’m over 40 years old(!) I guess the girl in me never disappears *lol*
I love how the different purples complement each other. I like doing skittlettes, it’s a fun way wearing more than one nail polish in the same mani 🙂

Mani with a bow

Mani with a bow

I don’t know if you see that I’ve got a slightly different nail shape? I’ve filed them more rounded. Maybe I’m going for a more almond shape in the future?! The main reason for changing my squovals into this is that I had difficulty writing on the keyboard, and as I work as a secretary that’s not a good thing. So, what do you think of the new shape?


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