Bottle green nails

Picture Polish "Mallard"

Picture Polish “Mallard”

It’s Wednesday today and time for green nails according to Swedish blogger “Vacker & Underbar”. I decided to join with the beautiful bottle green polish “Mallard” from Picture Polish.

Deep green with golden flecks

Deep green with golden flecks

The polish is a deep green jelly with green and gold glass flecks. I had to paint three thin coats to get full opacity on all nails, I maybe could have got away with two coats on some nails but I did three. It’s really beautiful when the lights hit the nails and shows the golden flecks. In lower light the nails look almost black.

mallard 7

mallard 2

As of no daylight left when I get home from work I had to take all pictures with either flash or direct light from spotlights. Unfortunately I don’t have a light box yet but it’s on my wishlist for my birthday 😉 so this photos is the ones I got.

Head over to Karin’s blogg “Vacker & Underbar” to see more green manicures!!

Outside, daylight

Outside, daylight. I love the glass flecks in green and gold

mallard 9


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