Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

Miss Ashleigh “Kryptonite” a beautiful green thermal

This is my favorite green polish! I used it in my St Patrick’s day mani last week but I think it deserves an own mani ❤  The polish I’m talking about is Miss Ashleigh “Kryptonite”, a gorgeous green thermal that shifts from tealish dark green to lime green. Just lovely!! And very suitable for “green Wednesday” too 🙂 If you head over to Swedish blogg Vacker & Underbar you’ll see more green manis.

Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

A perfect spring color! And a perfect gradient in no time 😉

“Kryptonite” has a easy application, it applies a little sheer at first, but I applied three thin coats. In it’s warm state you can see a little VNL (visible nail line) but it’s not that obvious and with longer nails the tips shifts in darker green so it’s not very noticable. The finish is gorgeous with a scattered holo effect, I can’t stop looking at my nails and it’s such a perfect spring color.

Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

Kryptonite in its cold state

Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

Warm state, with waterdrops and all … (I just took out my hand of warm water)

Morris, our Devon Rex

Morris sitting on the border of the sink curious of the water I dip my hand in …

Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

My favorite green!

I’ve bought my bottle from The Nailista Shop but you can find Australian Miss Ashleigh in several shops that sell indie polish!


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