Turtle manicure

Chick Pick Polish Neon Blue, ESSIE Lots of lux

Cute turtle mani

Today I’ve created a cute turtle mani in different blue shades and textures. I’ve also embellished the mani with a little turtle made of Fimo. 

Chick Pick Polish Neon Blue, ESSIE Lots of lux

I began with a “peel-off” base coat so that the textured glitter polish will be easier to remove. I acctually have it as base for the neon jelly as well. I painted 2 coats of ESSIE “Lots of lux” on my thumb, pointer and pinkie. For my middle and ring fingers I painted 3 coats of Chick Pick Polish “Neon Blue”. On top of this I stamped a turtle shell pattern from a Bundle Monster plate, BM-313 with Mundo de Unas (MdU) stamping polish “Pastel Blue” (06). MdU’s stamping polishes are very thick and opaque and stamps really well … BUT they have a really heavy smell 😦 But at most times I can take the smell even though I’m prone to migraine. Just make sure you open a window for ventilation *s*. And as the “icing on the cake” I put a little Fimo turtle as an accent on my ring finger ❤  I found this turtle random in a Swedish Nail supply shop (www.yournailerystore.se) when I was looking for foil glue 🙂

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the best stamper in the world(!) The big squishy stamper comes from Ukrainian Creative Stamper!! I absolutely love it, my stamping has improved so much! It’s so easy to use. Just remember not to clean it with nail polish remover or aceton, I use a lint roller to remove excessive stamping polish on the stamper.

What I used for this mani

What I used for this mani

Chick Pick Polish Neon Blue, ESSIE Lots of lux

A closer look

What do you think? Do you like my turtle mani? Hope you do! 


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  1. What a great mani! I use the creative stamper too and it is one of my favorites. I clean mine with tape. I put a piece of tape upside down on my work surface and after I stamp my nails I stamp the tape, which cleans all the polish off the stamper 🙂


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