Hi and welcome to my little corner of the Internet

This blog is about my nail polish obsession and my love for nail art. My motto is ”Life is too short to have unpainted nails” and that sums it up pretty much. I find life a bit more fun and colorful if I have beautiful nails and I like to paint my nails a lot, most often every day (even though I don’t have time to blog every day, but I do update my Instagram page almost every day). Bold colors, nude ”work appropriate” colors, glitter bombs, plain polish, I wear it all. I will post a lot of nail art with stamping in different forms (reverse stamping, double stamping) manis with vinyls and sometimes free hand painted. Not many watermarble manis though, I suck at watermarbling…

Who am I? Well, I’m 40+ years old, married with two wonderful daughters. I love cats, we have a Devon Rex namned Morris. We live in a house in a “medium sized” city in the south of Sweden. I work part time (85%)  as a Medical Secretary at a Pathology Department in a hospital. Luckily I can wear my manis for work, my boss rises an eyebrow now and then if I wear very bold colors but mostly she thinks the manis are pretty.

My interest for nail polish started slowly in 2013 when I bought my first ESSIE nail polishes, (my collection was about 20 bottles at this time) and began reading nail polish blogs like Swedish Sminkan & Emma. Back then I wasn’t very good at painting my nails and I didn’t know much about clean-up either. Back in January 2014 I bought my first bottles of Indie nail polish from Edgy Polish and there and then I was hooked, and I began posting more and more ”nailfies” on Instagram and started following talented nail artists as inspiration. In the beginning I barely could paint my nails neatly in one color and nail art wasn’t even to think of. But slowly I gained more confidence and experience and tried stamping and vinyls and now I love nail art, and try to incorporate it quite often. As a result of my ”hobby” (you may call it an obsession) my nail polish collection has grown and I have 800+ bottles now.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in any way if you have questions or suggestions for manis, either comment in the comments section or write to me: nillasobsessions@gmail.com

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