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Turtle manicure

Chick Pick Polish Neon Blue, ESSIE Lots of lux

Cute turtle mani

Today I’ve created a cute turtle mani in different blue shades and textures. I’ve also embellished the mani with a little turtle made of Fimo.  Read the rest of this entry


Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

Miss Ashleigh “Kryptonite” a beautiful green thermal

This is my favorite green polish! I used it in my St Patrick’s day mani last week but I think it deserves an own mani ❤  The polish I’m talking about is Miss Ashleigh “Kryptonite”, a gorgeous green thermal that shifts from tealish dark green to lime green. Just lovely!! And very suitable for “green Wednesday” too 🙂 If you head over to Swedish blogg Vacker & Underbar you’ll see more green manis.

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St Patrick’s day

Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite KBShimmer Get Clover It Isadora Gold Crush

My St Patrick’s day mani

We don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day here in Sweden, not anything I’ve heard of, but of course I have to wear green nails today to honor all my friends all over the world that do celebrate today!  Read the rest of this entry

True Blood

Lilypad Lacquer True Blood

“True Blood” Lilypad Lacquer

Today I have yet another gorgeous holo from Lilypad Lacquer to show you. This time it’s a vampy dark plum shade. Oh, so beautiful especially when the light hits the nails and the gorgeous holo shows ❤

Lilypad Lacquer True Blood

Vampy nails

Sadly this shade is discontinued/LE so the only chance you have to get your hands on this beauty is a destash or on Ebay etc. But if you come accross it I definitely recomend you to buy it!!

Two easy coats, and perfect finish like every other shade from Lilypad Lacquer I’ve tried. I enjoyed this shade a lot when I wore it.

Lilypad Lacquer True Blood

Nature Child

Lilypad Lacquer Nature Child

Lilypad Lacquer “Nature Child” is the base for this mani with quatrefoil and a French Lily

Today’s nails are green because it’s Wednesday and I want to participte in Karin’s “Green Wednesday at her blog Vacker & Underbar. You know how it works by now 😉  Read the rest of this entry

Molten Minx

Lilypad Lacquer Molten Minx

Lilypad Lacquer “Molten Minx”

I’m very fond of nudish gray/brown colors and this is a very good example of my taste! This is Lilypad Lacquer “Molten Minx”, a holographic polish that’s grayish brown/bronze and very beautiful. Two easy coats and top coat – good to go! I bought this from Edgy Polish who’s a new stockist of this Australian indie brand.  Read the rest of this entry