Of course I have a wish list of polishes that I dream about ūüėÄ Both indie brands and some commercial. I love both! Some are very hard to get and some are more easily found ūüėČ

A England – Crown of Thistles (i)
A England – Gloriana (i)
A England – Dancing with Nureyev (i)

A England – The Blessed Damozel (i)
Bliss Polish – Cozy up (i)
Bliss Polish – Jax (i)
China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy (the original version, that’s discontinued and replaced) (c)
Cupcake Polish – In Bloom (i)
Cupcake Polish – Re-Leaf (i)
Dance Legend – Galaxy – Pulsar
Dance Legend – Galaxy – Milky Way
Darling Diva – It burns us (i)
Glam Polish – Hibiscus (i)
Glam Polish – Avalanche (i)
Glam Polish – Frost Flower (i)
Glam Polish – Unforgettable Dream LE store exclusive for Hypnotic Polish (i)
Glam Polish – For Peep’s sake (i)
Hare Polish – Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate a second before … (i)
Hare Polish – Sparkwood and 21 (i)
KBShimmer – Belle of the mall (i)
Lilypad Lacquer – Good Girl Gone Bad (i)
Models Own РIndian Ocean (c)
OPI – Alcatraz … rocks (c)
OPI РLove.Angel.Music.Baby. (c)
OPI – My very first Knockw√ľrst (c)
piCture pOlish – Minty (i)
piCture pOlish – Moscow (i)
piCture pOlish – Paris – reborn (i)
Polish Me Silly – Inferno (i)
Polish Me Silly – Peacock (i)
Polished by KPT – Hyacinth (i)
Polished by KPT – Live the Night (i)
Spell Polish – Charlie’s footprints (i)

(i) = indie
(c) = commercial


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