I just looove online shopping! You have a much bigger market in reach with just a simple “click”.

http://www.edgypolish.com – This is my favorite shop! Shipping is really fast, good prices in the shop, many indie brands to choose from and excellent service. Ships world wide.
http://www.hypnoticpolish.com – Another great shop to buy indie brands from, If you’re looking for some Russian brands but don’t want to order from Russia you could find them here. Ships world wide.
http://www.harlowandco.com – A Canadian shop with great variety of brands to choose from, mostly indie. Ships world wide.
http://www.beautysofly.com – A Singaporian shop that ships world wide.
http://www.norwaynails.com – A Norwegian shop that ships world wide. Here you can find Picture Polish, Spell Polish, Lynderella and many more indie brands.

Specific brand shops:
http://www.foxyfingertips.com – A Danish shop with her own brand, Foxy Paws. Right now the shop is closed but reopens in January 2015.
http://www.blackdahlialacquer.com – An American indie brand. Ships world wide.
http://www.chickpickpolish.com – A brand new American indie brand. Can offer international shipping.
https://www.picturepolish.com.au/ – An Australian brand with huge variety of colors. Ships internationally with a few exceptions.

Notice: I’m not affiliated with these shops what so ever, nor being paid for promoting them. These are my personal opinions. I’ve got personal experience of all of above mentioned shops.

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