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Dancing with Nureyev

A England Dancing with Nureyev

A England “Dancing with Nureyev”

As an old ballet dancer and a ballet lover it’s natural that I love everything ballet themed and this stunning blue holographic polish from A England’s collection Ballerina is no exception.

A England Dancing with Nureyev

“Dancing with Nureyev” is a violet-blue shade, a soft romantic blue yet very sophisticated and very suitable to a ballet theme. Depending on the lighting the shade looks violet or blue and the scattered/prismatic holo particles give another dimension to the polish.

A England Dancing with Nureyev

A romantic and elegant violet-blue

The formula is stunning, as all polishes from A England. This is two coats, but I think you could get away with only one if you apply it a little thicker.

To emphasize the romantic feeling I’ve added a little stamping on my ring fingers, the swirly tree pattern is from Moyou Mother Nature 11 and I used Mentality “Opaque White”.

A England Dancing with Nureyev

Stamping with Mentality Opaque White and Moyou Mother Nature 11

Mentality “Opaque White” is a white stamping polish that’s pearlescent or a bit on the silver side and not that matte white I’m used to with stamping polishes. I think it gives the stamping a very elegant feel to it.

A England Dancing with Nureyev

A England Dancing with Nureyev

Matches my distressed jeans perfectly!

You can find both A England and Mentality Nail Polish at Edgy Polish, as well as some Moyou London stamping plates and rhinestones.

Majestic purple

Such a majestic purple shade

Such a majestic purple shade

Majestic purple with a tone of magenta, shimmer and a scattered holo ❤  that’s my decription of A England “Crown of thistles” from their Elizabeth & Mary collection.

Two easy coats plus top

Two easy coats plus top

This polish has a smooth formula that applies like butter, two easy coats and you’re done 🙂

For this look I also applied black holo rhinestones. I put them on when my top coat is still wet, usually I don’t need to glue them. Theses rhinestones I bought from Twinkled T.

A little closer, look at the holo effect

A little closer, look at the magenta flash!

Unfortunately it’s very dark at winter here in Sweden so most days I don’t have time to photograph my nails in daylight, so all these photos is taken with flash. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can see the real holo effect.

Blue sky and sunshine!

Blue sky and sunshine!


My year in polish etc., a summary of 2014, part 2


Here’s part 2 of my year summary of 2014.

I love apple blossom!

I love apple blossom!

May started with sunny weather and I wore appropriate apple green polish – Model City Polish “Margarita Time”. Unfortunately I didn’t post more nails on my Instagram feed 😦

In May I also got my first (and only so far) tattoo done, I got a gift certificate for a  tattoo on my birthday and now it was time to have it done. I loooooove dragonflies so of course it had to be a dragonfly tattoo!! The dragonfly symbolizes “carpe diem” to me, like YOLO (you only live once) but in a more subtle way and this is the perfect tattoo for me to remind me to live my life the way I want to live it because I only have one life …

My dragonfly tattoo

My dragonfly tattoo


Rhododendrons and azaleas in bloom at Sofiero Castle

In June I posted more pics of polish than in May … but my nails were quite short (I hadn’t yet discovered Simply Pure Oil from Bliss Kiss).

Neon shades is part of summer so of course I had to try at least one neon from OPI’s neon collection. “Juice Bar Hopping” with white undies.


Neon orange “Juice Bar Hopping” from OPI

I bought my very first polish from Chanel and felt very luxurious wearing it. Taboo is a gorgeous shade but it would have looked even more luxurious with longer nails.


Chanel “Taboo”

Of course I wore indie polish as well. This is Crows Toes exclusive polish for Edgy Polish “An Edgy Ocean Dream”.


And I rocked a gorgeous skittlette 🙂

Skittlette with Isadora "Coral Crush" and "Purple Crush" and My Ten Friends "Hailing Frequencies Open"

Skittlette with Isadora “Coral Crush” and “Purple Crush” and My Ten Friends “Hailing Frequencies Open”



The beach in Manasquan, NJ

In July it was holiday time and the whole family flew to the States. 10 days of relaxing at the beach, shopping, going on rides at amusement parks and sightseeing.


The swing at Jenkinsons boardwalk in NJ.

We started out in Manasquan, NJ and ended the trip with three days in the big apple, NYC.


I came home with a lot of polish … 😀


Some of my nail polish haul from the US


Nubbins with Chanel “Atmosphere” and Zoya “Monet”

After my US-trip my nails were back to nubbins. I had gel nails done at a beauty salon and I can’t say that I was very pleased with the result. The day before I got back to work again I struggled for two(!) hours to get rid of them. No, gel nails isn’t my cup of tea.

In August I did my first gradient, not the best result but not the worst either.


Gradient with ND Lacquer “Lily”, Isadora “Bridal Pink” and “Flip Flop” and Duh Nail Polish “Spotted Elephant” as accents.

I was inspired of @the_matchbook on Instagram to do apple nails. I’m so proud of this manicure. I think it’s so cute!


Apple nails with ESSIE “Fifth Avenue” and Mavala “Wind Breeze” and some Fimo apples.

I bought some new stamping plates from Moyou and played with them. I really like these blue “roses”. It’s always nice with China Glaze “Fairy Dust” on top, don’t you think?! Any mani will look better with “Fairy Dust”! 😀

blue roses

White nail polish stamped with ESSIE “Avenue Maintain” and a coat of China Glaze “Fairy Dust”.

And it was time to bring out the more darker shades at the end of the month. I love fall colors!


Isadora “Autumn Leaves”, a gorgeous fall color.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this year summary …

My year in polish etc., a summary of 2014, part 1


2014 was a very special year. It was the year I really got into nail polish for real. Most pictures in this post is from Instagram taken with my mobile so the quality isn’t that good but it’ll have to do anyway.

In January I bought my first polish from OPI(!) It was “Bubblebath”, a lovely nudish pink/beige.

OPI "Bubblebath"

OPI “Bubblebath”, my first OPI polish

In January I also took my first stumbling steps into to the world of Indie polish!! I bought my first bottles of indie polish from Edgy Polish. Thank you Katarina for creating such a lovely shop!

My first nail mail from Edgy Polish, Jan 24 2014.

My first nail mail from Edgy Polish, Jan 24 2014.

In February I bought more polish of course (both mainstream and indie brands) and I also tried some nail art techniques for the very first time.

Cool/corky polish bottle from Bootie Babe. The shade is called "Butt or Brickle"

Cool/corky polish bottle from Bootie Babe. The shade is called “Butt or Brickle”

My first “ombre nails” in different blue/aqua shades.

Ombre nails with different textures in aqua shades

Ombre nails with different textures in aqua shades

My first attempt of free hand painting for Valentine’s day.

Valentine's mani, my first try out of free hand painting

Valentine’s mani, my first try out of free hand painting

Cute cat design with dotticure and free hand painting.

Cat nails inspired by @reemajarrar on IG

Cat nails inspired by @reemajarrar on IG

In March I continued to explore new techniques. I bought my first stamping plates.

Leopard nails

Leopard nails done with a Konad plate

My first Moyou plate

My first Moyou plate

A semi good result

A semi good result

In March I also turned 40 and I decided I will be “40 and fab”! I had a really good party that I will remember for the rest of my life

Party nails - A England "Perceval"

Party nails – A England “Perceval”

In April our cat Morris moved in with us. He’s a Devon Rex and he’s such a little sweetheart. He loves to sleep in bed with me under the covers, he loves to sit on our shoulders and loves cuddles.

I love you Morris!

Morris 3 months old

Morris 3 months old

Playful Morris

Playful Morris

I'm the King of this house!

I’m the King of this house!

Of course I painted my nails in April also.

Delush "Frost Bitten, Twice Shy" over Isadora "Zinfandel"

Delush “Frost Bitten, Twice Shy” over Isadora “Zinfandel”

I also bought a lot of make up.

Make up haul in April

Make up haul in April

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this year summary …

A England “Princess Tears”

A England "Princess Tears"

A England “Princess Tears”

Today’s nails are this stunning holo from A England called “Princess Tears”. It’s from the Legend collection and was released a couple of years ago but I got my hands on this polish yesterday.

It’s a greyish pale lavender/lilac holo, with duochromatic shifts. Really beautiful. It’s not a strong linear holo but more subtle but very beautiful.

A England "Princess Tears"

A England “Princess Tears” – greyish pink

More lilac showing here

More lilac showing here

The formula was great as all of A England polishes. I have two coats on for total opacity.

A England is one of my favorite brands. Their polishes are of great quality and they present very beautiful shades. If you don’t have a bottle from A England I suggest you go and buy one 😀

You can find a England at www.edgypolish.comwww.hypnoticpolish.com or www.harlowandco.com for example. A England has an official shop as well but I haven’t ordered from their site.