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Wild orchid

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Black Dahlia Lacquer “Wild Orchid”

Today I’ve got a gorgeous orchid colored polish from Black Dahlia Lacquer to show you. It’s called “Wild orchid” and it’s a pinkish purple or purplish pink 😀 No, orchid purple is the best term, I think! Anyway, it’s a stunning color and it’s a holographic polish so I’m in love! I saw a swatch of this polish about two weeks ago and just knew I had to get my hands on it. So glad I did!

It’s part of their new Valentine’s day blogger collaboration, it’s total 6 shades in this collection.

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Yummie purple!

The formula is great but I needed 3 coats to get full opacity. Maybe you could get away with 2 coats but I did 3 quite thin coats.

You can order Black Dahlia Lacquer from their own website or on Etsy.

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Bottle shot!

My year in polish etc., a summary of 2014, part 3


Time to finish up my year summary, but for this third and last part it is much harder to select what to post. I think it depends on that I began to post much more frequently on Instagram this fall and I have so much more nail pics to choose from. But somehow I have to narrow it down so here we go 😀

In September I made my first order from Harlow & Co, three shades from KBShimmer

Nail mail

Nail mail

I had seen many pictures of KBShimmer shades on Instagram and was so excited to finally try them on. I can say I wasn’t disappointed, I’m very pleased with both the colors, application and finish! KBShimmer is one of my favorite brands 🙂
The shipping from Harlow & Co was really quick that first time, 3 days, but it can take longer time, due to holidays etc.

KBShimmer "Flannel Surfing"

KBShimmer “Flannel Surfing”

KBShimmer "Band Geek" plus Zoya "Austine"

KBShimmer “Band Geek” plus Zoya “Austine”

I also bought my first bottles of Foxy Paws Polish in September. It’s a Danish indie brand with really unique shades, like this bright green for example, “Ms Matronic’s Magic Mirrors”.

Foxy Paws "Ms Matronic's Magic Mirrors"

Foxy Paws “Ms Matronic’s Magic Mirrors”


I wore a lot of gorgeous manicures in October.

These matte nude nails are one of my favorite manis of the whole year.

Polish TBH "Eirene" with Nubar "White Polka Dot" on top, topped with matte top coat from OPI

Polish TBH “Eirene” with Nubar “White Polka Dot” on top, topped with matte top coat from OPI

As October is breast cancer awareness month I did a pink ribbon mani. Maybe not so pretty close up but I give it to you anyway.

Pink ribbon nails for breast cancer awareness.

Pink ribbon nails for breast cancer awareness.

I also bought two shades from China Glaze’s fall collection All Aboard. This is “Choo-Choo Choose You”, it’s a duochrome shade that’s dusty purlple in the bottle and more greige coppery on the nails.

China Glaze "Choo-Choo Choose You"

China Glaze “Choo-Choo Choose You”

One of my favorite manis in October was done with this gorgeous aqua/teal polish from Pretty & Polished “Go with the Pisces flow”. I paired it with “My dogsled is a hybrid” from OPI and some rhinestones.


In November I bought my first bottles of Picture Polish. I’ve had heard and seen so much of this brand so I was very excited to try it on and a was very pleased. All PP shades I have tried have applied like butter and they have many gorgeous shades to choose from. In my first manicure I paired PP “Never Nude” with gorgeous duochrome Spell Polish “Uncharted Waters”.

Picture Polish "Never Nude" and Spell Polish "Uncharted Waters".

Picture Polish “Never Nude” and Spell Polish “Uncharted Waters”.

In November I also began to use “Simply Pure Hydrating Oil” from Bliss Kiss and together with Glazed Apple Hand Cream from The Body Shop my hands and nails feel stronger and softer and they are better equiped to deal with winter.

Pure bliss for your hands and nails

Pure bliss for your hands and nails

Another gorgeous polish that I rocked in November was this stunning shade from Smitten Polish, “131 Angstrom” is a gorgeous teal glitter that’s just amazing.

Smitten "131 Angstrom"

Smitten “131 Angstrom”

I think November is dull and grey so to cheer me up I love to put on some bright colors, like this for example; Bootie Babe “Freaky Cheeky” 😀 You just got to smile when you see such a vibrant color!!

Bootie Babe "Freaky Cheeky"

Bootie Babe “Freaky Cheeky”

I made my version of french manicure, a gradient with Picture Polish “Lakodom” and “Grace”. Really classy if I may say so myself (and this is my blog, so I may! :D).

PP "Lakodom" and "Grace"

PP “Lakodom” and “Grace”

Laquerlicious “Lady Liberty” was on my wishlist so when Edgy Polish got a restock I was quick to order it.

Laquerlicious "Lady Liberty" and Mentality Polish "Wangari"

Laquerlicious “Lady Liberty” and Mentality Polish “Wangari”

In December I did a lot of snow inspired nails 🙂
Like these … Black Dahlia Lacquer “Olaf’s Snowflower” stamped with Mentality Polish “Wangari”

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Olaf's Snowflowers" stamped with Mentality Polish "Wangari"

Black Dahlia Lacquer “Olaf’s Snowflowers” stamped with Mentality Polish “Wangari”

Or these … Mavala “Moon Grey” with Formula X “Wham!” on top. I think it looks like fresh snow on soil.


Mavala “Moon Grey” with Formula X “Wham!”

I also joined a nail art challange for the first time. The WNAC (weekly nail art challenge). The theme for December was sparkles and the designs for the month was; glitter, snow, garland, new years (you can see a summary of it here
My first design was this, Smitten “Audrey’s Rainbow” with glitter from L’Oréal “Discoball” and a white nail art pen for the bow design.

The big thing in December is of course that I started this blog! On December 12 I made my first post. I had been thinking of blogging for quite some time and finally thought “let’s do it”. So here I go … I hope at least someone reading my posts and find them enjoyable and/or usefull 🙂

Christmas nails - Smitten "Between the baubles"

Christmas nails – Smitten “Between the baubles”

Black Dahlia Lacquer “South Congress Bats”


In Austin (Tx) they have a bridge namned Congress Avenue Bridge where millions of bats stay under spring and summer. I’ve never been to Austin but a friend of mine has and she went to the bridge, it’s really crowded with bats. Black Dahlia Lacquer, an indie nail polish brand, origins from Texas and in their Capital Collection they have a nail polish called “South Congress Bats”.


The polish is gorgeous! It’s an army green to grey leaning scattered holo. It applies like butter, I have two coats on the pictures and maybe if you apply thicker you could get away with one?

I really love grey leaning holos … I have a few … pink to grey, lavender to grey, brown to grey …DSC_0469

Today I tested “Aqua Fix” base coat from Make Up Store for the first time. It’s a aqua based base coat for holographic polish that prevents application issues (aka holo sickness). 


Look at this gorgeous macro shot!



New Years nails – Weekly nail art challenge


This week it’s time for new years nails in last week of December’s weekly nail art challenge. I’ve created my design with holographic and glitter polishes as well as some freehand painting (oh boy, do I suck at freehand painting 😛 )

Week 4: New Years

Week 4: New Years

The polishes I used is: Butter London “Pearly Queen” (as underwear for the holo), KBShimmer “In bare form”, Black Dahlia Lacquer “Sparklefest” (at least I believe it’s “Sparklefest”, my bottle is without name label) and Depend “Champagne Night” (nr 4039).

WNAC Dec 14 - New Years

WNAC Dec 14 – New Years


Here’s a summary of the designs of WNAC December, theme Sparkles

Week 1: Glitter Week 2: Snow Week 3: Garland Week 4: New Years



Black Dahlia Lacquer SXSF Fever + Weekly Nail Art Challenge

Black Dahlia Lacquer SXSF Fever

Black Dahlia Lacquer SXSF Fever

I have a lovely polish from American Indie brand Black Dahlia Lacquer to show you. This polish is gorgeous, I have nothing like it in my previous collection. It’s a green leaning teal with glass flecks, looks like I have Jade stones on my nails.

SXSF Fever

SXSF Fever

Then I decided to do my Weekly Nail Art Challenge with this as a base. The theme is “sparkles” and this week’s design is “garland”. I decided to do a silver garland and painted it with textured Isadora “Diamond Crush”. I had trouble with my ringfinger and decided to paint the whole nail 😛 I’m not really pleased with the result but I show it to you anyway. Sometimes things look better in your head but I kind of like them anyway. They are at least different 😉

silvergarland WNAC_Dec14

WNAC Dec 14 – week 3

Nail polish shopping


I just looove online shopping! You have a much bigger market in reach with just a simple “click”.

http://www.edgypolish.com – This is my favorite shop! Shipping is really fast, good prices in the shop, many indie brands to choose from and excellent service. Ships world wide.
http://www.hypnoticpolish.com – Another great shop to buy indie brands from, If you’re looking for some Russian brands but don’t want to order from Russia you could find them here. Ships world wide.
http://www.harlowandco.com – A Canadian shop with great variety of brands to choose from, mostly indie. Ships world wide.
http://www.beautysofly.com – A Singaporian shop that ships world wide.
http://www.norwaynails.com – A Norwegian shop that ships world wide. Here you can find Picture Polish, Spell Polish, Lynderella and many more indie brands.

Specific brand shops:
http://www.foxyfingertips.com – A Danish shop with her own brand, Foxy Paws. Right now the shop is closed but reopens in January 2015.
http://www.blackdahlialacquer.com – An American indie brand. Ships world wide.
http://www.chickpickpolish.com – A brand new American indie brand. Can offer international shipping.
https://www.picturepolish.com.au/ – An Australian brand with huge variety of colors. Ships internationally with a few exceptions.

Notice: I’m not affiliated with these shops what so ever, nor being paid for promoting them. These are my personal opinions. I’ve got personal experience of all of above mentioned shops.