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Anna Gorelova “Sage”

Sage Anna Gorelova Dance Legend

Gorgeous black holo with blue shimmer and microglitter

Today I have a gorgeous black holo microglitter polish from Russian brand Dance Legend’s sub-brand Anna Gorelova called “Ведун” which means sage in Belarusian.  Read the rest of this entry


Bereginya Anna Gorelova

“Bereginya” from Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend

Today I’ve got a gorgeous green polish to show you 🙂 This is “Bereginya” from Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend. It belongs to the new winter collection and I bought this at Hypnotic PolishRead the rest of this entry

Blue space nails


Right before Christmas I ordered polishes from Llarowe. It was from Russian brand Dance Legend’s new collection Round Space Collection and I ordered “Super galaxy” (1075) and “Intergalactic” (1077). It’s the first time I try Dance Legend and the first time I order from Llarowe 🙂

As I haven’t had blue nails for a while my first choice is “Super galaxy” (1075). This is a dark blue jelly polish filled with holographic round glitters in different sizes. My first impression is wow!

Dance Legend

It’s a dense glitter so I decided to layer it over a dusty navy color, KBShimmer “Stonewashed”, so I don’t have to build up opacity and the manicure doesn’t end up too thick. 🙂

On the down side is the drying time is loooong but this polish is so gorgeous I don’t mind at all. And I always use fast drying top coat anyway …

KBShimmer "Stonewashed", 2 coats, no top

KBShimmer “Stonewashed”, 2 coats, no top

For the finished mani I used half moon vinyls from www.nailvinyls.com because I didn’t want to hide all the beauty from the base color 😉 Nail vinyls are easy to use, just remember to let your base color dry completely, I always add one coat of fast drying top coat and wait for 30 minutes before I put on the vinyls.


One coat of Dance Legend “Super Galaxy” over KBShimmer “Stonewashed”


I really like this mani and I hope you  like it too … ❤