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Happy wife, Happy life!

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Gorgeous color changing glitter, it’s like having a rainbow on your nails!

This weekend this gorgeous color shanging glitter topper has been on my nails. This is “Happy Wife, Happy Life” from Darling Diva Polish. This polish is truly amazing, it’s purple, pink, blue, green and even yellow depending how the light hits it. I have one coat over black here. On my ring finger I have used a cyclone vinyl from Twinkled T to make this swirly effect. I think it went out relly cool!

DDP Happy wife, happy life

It’s so gorgeous even in the bottle

DDP Happy wife

Pink, purple to blue, and in the bottle you can even see yellow! Beautiful!!

DDP Happy wife, happy life

More blue is showing here.

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Bluish green …

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Color changes in the sun

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Indoors with flash, you can really see the green

DDP Happy wife, happy life

A closer look of my cyclone pattern, photo indoors, mostly blue showing here.


Burning purple

Darling Diva "It burns us"

Darling Diva “It burns us”

When I saw this polish on Darling Divas website I knew I had to get my hands on it. This is “It burns us” from the Mr DDP Collection from Darling Diva Polish. It is a purple scattered holo filled with red glitter in it that gives the polish an extra dimension.

It burns us DDP

With flash

The application was smooth as butter and on the pictures I have two coats over Aqua Fix base coat and then top coat of course.

DDP It burns us

Outdoors, no flash (no sunshine)

Darling Diva It burns us

Indoors with flash

This was the first time I ordered directly from Darling Diva, the few other shades I have I have bought from Edgy Polish. The shipping was very quick though, a week later from my order I had the polishes in my mailbox 🙂 A big like!