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Edgy Aquamarine

Nail Pattern Boldness "Aquamarine"

Nail Pattern Boldness “Aquamarine”

Today it’s Wednesday again and I’m wearing green to participate in “Grön onsdag”/Green Wednesday at Vacker & Underbar. I decided to try on a new dark green polish I just got the other day. It’s a store exclusive polish for Edgy Polish from Nail Pattern Boldness called “Aquamarine”. It’s a dark green jelly filled with magenta glitter. It dries kind of textured due to the glitter so top coat is a must if you want glossy nails! The formula was good but because it’s a jelly I had to paint 3 coats to get it opaque.

It’s a beautiful polish … but, I can’t really tell what’s wrong, it just doesn’t do the trick for me :-/ Sad, because it’s gorgeous, but not on me. Well, sometimes it’s just not right.

Exclusive for Edgy Polish, "Aquamarine" from Nail Pattern Boldness

Exclusive for Edgy Polish, “Aquamarine” from Nail Pattern Boldness

A bit closer

A bit closer

Swirly winter nails


There’s no snow in the south of Sweden where I live, it’s just grey and dark 😦 and today I’m sporting grey nails as well. Not just an ordinary grey but a stunning grey crelly/holo polish from Glam Polish called “Avalanche”. To sparkle it up a bit I added swirls with nail vinyls  from Twinkled T  and Glam Polish “Bewitched”. Using nail vinyls is easy nail art for beginners. Just make sure your polish base is dry before you start!

Glam Polish "Avalanche", photo with flash

Glam Polish “Avalanche”, photo with flash

This mani was tricky to photograph … No natural light in the evenings (and I don’t yet have a light box) and with flash I get the holo finish to show but the swirl patterns isn’t showing very well. On the other hand a photo without flash gets quite dark but then the swirl pattern is showing.

No flash, dark picture but here you can see the nice swirl pattern.

No flash, dark picture but here you can see the nice swirl pattern.

Strangely enough my pictures is showing much more blue tone to the polish than in real life and in daylight. And yeah, I haven’t figured out photo editing programs yet. You just have to bare with me ’til I figure this whole photographing thing out.

I have bought both bottles, “Avalanche” and “Bewitched” from Edgy Polish.


A little of the holo effect is showing …

“Avalanche” has great formula, this is two coats over Aqua Fix base coat, plus top coat.

Subtle white gradient


I got nail mail yesterday from a dear friend on Instagram ❤ and I had to try one of the polishes right away, Catrice LE Viennart Collection “Pearlescent Purpose”.

It’s a gorgeous warm white pearl and I thought it was the perfect base for a subtle holo gradient so I added Indigo Bananas “Do you have a Flag?”, which is a gorgeous white/silver holographic polish. I didn’t sponge this gradient, I only used the brush and painted several layers on top.

White holo gradient

White holo gradient


Catrice “Pearlescent Purpose” and Indigo Bananas “Do you have a Flag?”

I just love the effect! ❤ It’s elegant, soft and very feminine.

close up

Do you se the holo effect?

I think these nails will stay on for the whole weekend 🙂 But you never know, I’m known for changing polish often!! Ha ha!

Catrice isn’t available in Sweden (check www.catrice.eu for store locators) but you can find Indigo Bananas at www.edgypolish.com

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Nail polish shopping


I just looove online shopping! You have a much bigger market in reach with just a simple “click”.

http://www.edgypolish.com – This is my favorite shop! Shipping is really fast, good prices in the shop, many indie brands to choose from and excellent service. Ships world wide.
http://www.hypnoticpolish.com – Another great shop to buy indie brands from, If you’re looking for some Russian brands but don’t want to order from Russia you could find them here. Ships world wide.
http://www.harlowandco.com – A Canadian shop with great variety of brands to choose from, mostly indie. Ships world wide.
http://www.beautysofly.com – A Singaporian shop that ships world wide.
http://www.norwaynails.com – A Norwegian shop that ships world wide. Here you can find Picture Polish, Spell Polish, Lynderella and many more indie brands.

Specific brand shops:
http://www.foxyfingertips.com – A Danish shop with her own brand, Foxy Paws. Right now the shop is closed but reopens in January 2015.
http://www.blackdahlialacquer.com – An American indie brand. Ships world wide.
http://www.chickpickpolish.com – A brand new American indie brand. Can offer international shipping.
https://www.picturepolish.com.au/ – An Australian brand with huge variety of colors. Ships internationally with a few exceptions.

Notice: I’m not affiliated with these shops what so ever, nor being paid for promoting them. These are my personal opinions. I’ve got personal experience of all of above mentioned shops.