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Turtle manicure

Chick Pick Polish Neon Blue, ESSIE Lots of lux

Cute turtle mani

Today I’ve created a cute turtle mani in different blue shades and textures. I’ve also embellished the mani with a little turtle made of Fimo.  Read the rest of this entry

ESSIE Cashmere Matte

ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection

ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection, from left to right: “Coat couture”, “Wrap me up”, “Comfy in cashmere” and “Spun in luxe”.

Today I’ve got four polishes from ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection to show you. 🙂  The collection consists of six shades but I ordered the four ones I liked the most from EBay about a week ago. I doubt this collection will launch in Sweden, or the Nordic countries at all(?), too sad, because it’s really a beautiful collection.

ESSIE Cashmere

a clip from ESSIE.com

The collection consists of: “Comfy in cashmere”, “Wrap me up”, “Just stiched”, “All eyes on nudes”, “Coat couture” and “Spun in luxe”. I skipped buying “Just stiched” and “All eyes on nudes” so consequently no swatches of these two.

All swatches are base coat, two coats of polish and no top coat.

So on to the swatches (all pictures are taken indoors with flash).

Wrap me up

“Wrap me up”

“Wrap me up”, a “whisper soft pink”.
A beautiful pale pink white shade but I couldn’t get friends with this polish. I applies streaky and I had big trouble get it even. Too bad because it’s a beautiful shade. But because of the formula it’s my least favorite of the four.

Comfy in cashmere

Comfy in cashmere

“Comfy in cashmere”, a “mauve with deep velvet undertones”. 
Oh,, my goodness, I love this bluetoned mauve. This has much better application! A gorgeous shade IMO.

Coat couture

Coat couture

“Coat couture”, a sultry satin greige beneath deep purple shimmer”.
Hm, not purple, not grey, not blue but a mix of them, yes, that’s how I would describe this shade. Nevertheless it’s beautiful. No application issues.

Spun in luxe

Spun in luxe

“Spun in luxe” a “sophisticated matte blue-black”.
ESSIE’s description is accurate for this one, it really is a blue-black shade. Beautiful and sophisticated, but oh so demanding. It shows every imperfection of your nail. Well, I like it anyway.

So, my thoughts of this collection (or at least four polishes out of six) are …Gorgeous polishes, some application issues but I forget about them because of the very nice shades. Though there are some alternative in the indie scene (like Chick Pick Polish I wrote about yesterday) that are at least as good or even better 😉 But I will absolutely wear them again (soon) ❤

My unloved ones part 2


Yesterday’s blog post was about my unloved polishes. I think everyone whos into nail polish has them. The polishes we have, don’t use, wont use but still can’t get rid of, they might come handy one day.

This trigged me, I thought,”hey, you must come up with something so you can use them”. So today’s blog post will be about those unloved ones but paired or altered into something better. But a few of them I can’t stand at all so those I just skip! My blog – my rules!

These are all the polishes.

My unloved ones

My unloved ones

Here we go:

I started with Kicks Nail Lacquer “Miss Preppy”, a blue shade I’ve never worn. I really don’t know, I thought it would look dull or something. I decided to pair it with a unknown (no label) Models Own polish.


Kicks Nail Lacquer “Miss Preppy” + unlabeled Models Own


I started out with two coats of “Miss Preppy”. Actually, to my surprise, I liked it on it’s own!

Kicks Nail Lacquer "Miss Preppy", 2 coats, no top

Kicks Nail Lacquer “Miss Preppy”, 2 coats, no top

Then I added one coat of the unknown Models Own Polish. This turned out really good, I think.

Miss Preppy + unknown Models Own

“Miss Preppy” + unknown Models Own

Next polish I wanted to try was Isadora “City Khaki”. A khaki green polish I’ve bought on sale but never worn. I decided to pair it with KBShimmer “Spot Sign”, a glitter topper with leopard spots!

Isadora "City Khaki" + KBSHimmer "Spot Sign"

Isadora “City Khaki” + KBSHimmer “Spot Sign”

I really don’t know why I bought this polish, when would I ever wear a khaki colored polish? This polish just say nothing to me.

Isadora Wonder Nail "City Khaki"

Isadora Wonder Nail “City Khaki”

But definitely more fun with leopard spots!

Isadora "City Khaki" + KBShimmer "Spot Sign". An improvement!!

Isadora “City Khaki” + KBShimmer “Spot Sign”. An improvement!!

Next up was ESSIE “Eternal Optimist”, a vintage pinkish polish. Maybe some Rainbow Honey will cheer it up?

ESSIE "Eternal Optimist" + Rainbow Honey "Sakura Matsuri Namesake"

ESSIE “Eternal Optimist” + Rainbow Honey “Sakura Matsuri Namesake”

A nice polish, but I think it’s a “old lady shade”. Not really my cup of tea! I’ve worn it once.

ESSIE "Eternal Optimist", 2 coats, no  top

ESSIE “Eternal Optimist”, 2 coats, no top

Rainbow Honey “Sakura Matsuri Namesake” is a cute glitter topper that I think compemented the boring ESSIE.

ESSIE "Eternal Optimist" + Rainbow Honey "Sakura Matsuri Namesake"

ESSIE “Eternal Optimist” + Rainbow Honey “Sakura Matsuri Namesake”

Next up is a polish I so want to like, Isadora “Peachy Colada”. It’s really a pretty shade, but not on me, at least not when I don’t have a tan. Besides it will apply a little streaky. But everything gets better with a little “Fairy Dust” doesn’t it?!?

Isadora "Peachy Colada" + China Glaze "Fairy Dust"

Isadora “Peachy Colada” + China Glaze “Fairy Dust”

First up is two coats of “Peachy Colada”. Not a good color on me!!

Isadora "Peachy Colada", 2 coats, no top

Isadora “Peachy Colada”, 2 coats, no top

Then I put some “Fairy Dust” on … an improvement.

"Peachy Colada" fairy dusted!!

“Peachy Colada” fairy dusted!!

Finally I have a Zoya polish named “Bijou”. I bought it in USA on vacation this summer but I was so disappointed when I tried it, it is so sheer … like nothing I’ve ever tried before or after. Who would have known that such a pretty shade would be such a disaster?

Zoya "Bijou", MIYO "Venus",  Formula X "Solar Flare" and China Glaze China "Fairy Dust" ... what will I do with these?

Zoya “Bijou”, MIYO “Venus”, Formula X “Solar Flare” and China Glaze China “Fairy Dust” … what will I do with these?

I started with one coat … added second and even a third coat …

One coat, total disaster :(

One coat, total disaster 😦

Not much better with two coats ...

Not much better with two coats …

even with three coats it's too sheer

Even with three coats it’s too sheer

Three coats and still too sheer. What to do? Make a gradient of course!!

Messy before clean up, but easy with "Liquid Palisade" from Kiesque

Messy before clean up, but easy with “Liquid Palisade” from Kiesque

The finished gradient

The finished gradient

I was a bit sloppy when I made my gradient, because I had done so many swatches in a very short amount of time so I thought I’d add “Fairy Dust” on top. Every gradient becomes lovely with “Fairy Dust” 😀

A bit "Fairy Dust" added makes the gradient almost perfect!

A bit “Fairy Dust” added makes the gradient almost perfect!

This was a fun “project” to do. I challenge you to take your unloved polishes and make some nice manis with them. If you’re on Instagram please tag me on your photo of your manis with the hashtag #nillasunlovedchallenge

My unloved ones


I was tagged by a sweet friend on Instagram to show polishes that I have in my stash that I never use, dislike but can’t get ride of or give away. They might come handy one day, you never know!?!! 😀

My unloved ones

My unloved ones

In the photo:
♦ Zoya “Bijou”, such a lovely color but too sheer formula, I’ve never used it.
Delush Polish “Moves like Jagger”, a lovely blue glitter polish, but every time I try to do a mani with it the nails get too thick and I remove it. It seems I can’t get friends with it’s formula. The swatches I seen with it is lovely though … maybe some day…
♦ Kicks Nail Lacquer “Miss Preppy”, too dull blue, I’ve never used it.
♦ ESSIE “Eternal optimist” is just the wrong color for me, I’ve worn it once.
♦ Nails Inc “Chelsea square” is a weird glitter topper(?) I haven’t figured out how to wear it and I just don’t like the polish. I don’t know why I bought it.
♦ Isadora Wonder Nail “Peachy Colada” is a gorgeous peach shade but a bit wrong for my skin tone and I don’t like the formula, it applies streaky for some reason. Creme formulas from Isadora usually is very good so I don’t know what’s wrong with this one.
♦ Isadora Wonder Nail “City Khaki” is a polish I bough on sale and I don’t know why I bought it?!? When would a wear khaki colored nail polish
♦ OPI”Muppets world tour” is really pretty but somehow I never grab that bottle when I will use a glitter polish. I’ve used this polish for my mum’s nails though.

Do you have any unloved ones?