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Silence is green?!

"The Silence" Colors by llarowe

“The Silence” Colors by llarowe

Green Wednesday at Vacker & Underbar and today I’m joining with a gorgeous flakie from Colors by Llarowe named “The Silence”. This flakie shifts in orange and green and is really beautiful over an orange color or a green one. As my base I have a green polish from MIYO named “Lemon”. This polish was quite sheer so I had to paint 3 coats to get it opaque. I don’t know much about the brand, I just grabbed a few bottles at a sale 😉

Anyway “Lemon” is just my base for the main act, “The Silence”. At swatch pictures I’ve seen it over burnt orange and dark plum but not over green and I really like this effect, especially with matte top coat on. Let’s mattify all the flakies!!

The Silence Colors by Llarowe

I don’t know about you but I think this mani is really nice and full of spring feelings. Lovely!


Happy wife, Happy life!

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Gorgeous color changing glitter, it’s like having a rainbow on your nails!

This weekend this gorgeous color shanging glitter topper has been on my nails. This is “Happy Wife, Happy Life” from Darling Diva Polish. This polish is truly amazing, it’s purple, pink, blue, green and even yellow depending how the light hits it. I have one coat over black here. On my ring finger I have used a cyclone vinyl from Twinkled T to make this swirly effect. I think it went out relly cool!

DDP Happy wife, happy life

It’s so gorgeous even in the bottle

DDP Happy wife

Pink, purple to blue, and in the bottle you can even see yellow! Beautiful!!

DDP Happy wife, happy life

More blue is showing here.

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Bluish green …

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Color changes in the sun

DDP Happy wife, happy life

Indoors with flash, you can really see the green

DDP Happy wife, happy life

A closer look of my cyclone pattern, photo indoors, mostly blue showing here.


Freezing cold and icy nails


Brrr, it’s freezing cold here in the southern parts of Sweden.This morning it was -10°C (14°F). We have almost no snow yet but the little there is makes the grass frosty and you get that icy, cold feeling when you go outside so to match the weather I’ve got “icy nails” today.

Snow and ice

OPI “Alpine Snow” with Color Club “Covered in Diamonds”

This is two coats of OPI “Alpine Snow” and two coats of Color Club Nail Lacquer “Covered in Diamonds” (at least what I think is CID, my bottle has no name label) and top coat. Covered in Diamonds is a flakie topper that needs more than one coat of top coat. I’ve only got one at the pictures and the surface is really rough.

Ice cold nails

Ice cold hand with icy nails …


Blue sky and nails

Look at the iridiscent flakes!

I really like the look of these nails, they match the frost outside perfectly. A good choice for a winter mani if I may say so myself 🙂