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Anna Gorelova “Sage”

Sage Anna Gorelova Dance Legend

Gorgeous black holo with blue shimmer and microglitter

Today I have a gorgeous black holo microglitter polish from Russian brand Dance Legend’s sub-brand Anna Gorelova called “Ведун” which means sage in Belarusian.  Read the rest of this entry

Blue Mercury

Estessimo TinS "The Mercury"

Estessimo TinS “The Mercury”

Today I have a deep blue stunning polish to show you. This is “The Mercury” from the Japanese brand Estessimo TinS. I’ve got this polish as a gift from my sweet Japanese friend on Instagram.

All nail polishes from Estessimo TinS are infused with avocado oil as emolliant and aloe extract as moisturizer. They are also Toluene and DBP free. You can find Estessimo TinS online  at Mei Mei’s Signatures.

The Mercury is a deep blue infused with holographic glitters in different sizes. It dries textured due to the heavy amount of glitter so for a glossy finish you’ll need to add top coat. Today I wanted the textured finish so I skipped the t.c.

Some stamped bubbles on my ring finger

Some stamped bubbles on my ring finger

On my ring finger I added some bubbles. I used Mundo de Unãs “Lavender” and a Vivid Lacquer plate.

Estessimo TinS The Mercury

Pink Valentine


It’s soon Valentine’s day and I thought it was time for some pink nails 🙂

"For the love of Lisa" by Hare Polish

Ahmaaaaahzing pink! “For the love of Lisa” by Hare Polish

This is Hare Polish “For the love of Lisa”, a gorgeous pink jelly with different sizes of matte glitter and also iridescent flakies! This is so gorgeous! This is the first polish from Hare Polish I try and I’m not disappointed 🙂 I ordered three bottles when Nicole had a restock in her Etsy shop. The best way to find out when she restocks is to follow Hare Polish on either Instagram or Facebook.

Hare Polish For the love of Lisa

Gorgeous pink glitter infused with iridescent flakes as well

For this mani I painted three thin coats of “For the love of Lisa” and for my accent I first painted two coats of a plain pink (“Bubblegum Pink” from Apolosophy). I applied fast drying top coat on my ring finger, waited 20-25 minutes for it to dry and then applied swirl vinyls from Twinkled T, painted a fairly thick coat of “For the love of Lisa” and immediately removed the vinyls. After a while I applied top coat.

“For the love of Lisa” dries semi-matte. I first applied “Glitter Food Top Coat” from Nail Pattern Boldness to even out the texture and then my favorite Glisten & Glow “HK Girl Fast drying top coat”.

I buy my Glitter Food Top Coat from Edgy Polish and HK Girl Fast drying top coat from Hypnotic Polish. But of course you can buy it directly from Glisten & Glow as well but I’ve never done that.

Hare Polish For the love of Lisa

Swirls done with swirl vinyls from Twinkled T


All about turquoise

Cirque "Cerrillos"

Cirque “Cerrillos”

Today I have a gorgeous turquoise polish to show you – “Cerrillos” from Cirque Colors. I bought this in June last year and haven’t worn it until now(!) I ask myself why? because it’s absolutely beautiful!!

“Cerrillos” is a linear holographic and it gets opaque in two coats. For my long and ring finger I topped “Cerrillos” with a stunning glitter from Homei “17T”. Homei is a Taiwanese brand I think and I got this polish, along with 3 others, from a friend in Japan 🙂  All my photos are taken indoors sadly, with flash, but at least you can see some of the holo effect.

Cirque Colors "Cerrillos"

Cirque Colors “Cerrillos”

Homei color 17T

Homei color 17T

I think these two polishes compliment each other perfectly

I think these two polishes compliment each other perfectly

My bottle of “Cerrillos” I bought from Edgy Polish and I got Homei from a friend in Japan. I really don’t know if they have any retailers outside Asia or if you can order direct from them.

Barbie pink


TGIF! I just love Fridays ❤ The work week is done, yay! Today it’s gonna be a pink Friday – I think pink is very suitable for Fridays, pink is party, fun and girlie so today’s mani is very PINK, you could almost call it Barbie pink.

It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

For this mani I have used two untried polishes, the pink glitter from Dollish Polish “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” I bought almost a year ago but haven’t worn it. I have paired it with OPI “Suzi has a Swede tooth”. I’ve also used flat back pearls for decoration.

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” (ISFIGD) is a light pink glitter polish, the glitters settles in the bottle and you have to put the bottle upside down for a while before you paint. I also put some polish on a bit of paper and fished out the bigger glitters and have placed them on the nails here and there to even out the glitter spread. I have three thin coats on the pictures plus top coat.

“Suzi has a Swede tooth” (SHAST) is a bright blue toned pink that becomes opaque with two coats, maybe even one if you’re careful.

This is a fun, bright and very girlie manicure, I hope you’ll like it!!

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Dollish Polish “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die! and OPI “Suzi has a Swede tooth”

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Three thin coats of ISFIGD and two coats of SHAST

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Blue space nails


Right before Christmas I ordered polishes from Llarowe. It was from Russian brand Dance Legend’s new collection Round Space Collection and I ordered “Super galaxy” (1075) and “Intergalactic” (1077). It’s the first time I try Dance Legend and the first time I order from Llarowe 🙂

As I haven’t had blue nails for a while my first choice is “Super galaxy” (1075). This is a dark blue jelly polish filled with holographic round glitters in different sizes. My first impression is wow!

Dance Legend

It’s a dense glitter so I decided to layer it over a dusty navy color, KBShimmer “Stonewashed”, so I don’t have to build up opacity and the manicure doesn’t end up too thick. 🙂

On the down side is the drying time is loooong but this polish is so gorgeous I don’t mind at all. And I always use fast drying top coat anyway …

KBShimmer "Stonewashed", 2 coats, no top

KBShimmer “Stonewashed”, 2 coats, no top

For the finished mani I used half moon vinyls from www.nailvinyls.com because I didn’t want to hide all the beauty from the base color 😉 Nail vinyls are easy to use, just remember to let your base color dry completely, I always add one coat of fast drying top coat and wait for 30 minutes before I put on the vinyls.


One coat of Dance Legend “Super Galaxy” over KBShimmer “Stonewashed”


I really like this mani and I hope you  like it too … ❤