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Foxy Paws “Let It Go”


Today I have a nail polish inspired of Disney’s film “Frozen”, it’s Foxy Paws “Let It Go”. Foxy Paws is a Danish brand created by Charlotte. She has her own polish store www.foxyfingertips.com where you can buy several indie brands including Foxy Paws.

Bottle shot of Foxy Paws "Let It Go"

Bottle shot of Foxy Paws “Let It Go”

This is a light blue shade with different sizes of white glitter in it that gives the polish a snowy touch. The consistency is great and it becomes opaque with two coats. Because of the glitter it need one or more coats of top coat. I have one coat in the pictures but I should need one more, the surface is still rough.

Foxy Paws "Let It Go"

Foxy Paws “Let It Go”

This polish has a little surprise … It glows in the dark! Of course you have to “charge” it in lamp light first but you don’t need a black light to get it to glow 🙂

Glow shot

Glow shot

The first photo is taken in a not entirely dark room and the second one is taken in total darkness. A bit blurry but you’ll still get the picture! Who needs a night light when you have glow polish!?! 😀

It really glows in the dark!!

It really glows in the dark!!

Let it go Foxy Paws

A blue that does remind you of Elsa’s dress in Frozen, don’t you think?