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Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite

Miss Ashleigh “Kryptonite” a beautiful green thermal

This is my favorite green polish! I used it in my St Patrick’s day mani last week but I think it deserves an own mani ❤  The polish I’m talking about is Miss Ashleigh “Kryptonite”, a gorgeous green thermal that shifts from tealish dark green to lime green. Just lovely!! And very suitable for “green Wednesday” too 🙂 If you head over to Swedish blogg Vacker & Underbar you’ll see more green manis.

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Nature Child

Lilypad Lacquer Nature Child

Lilypad Lacquer “Nature Child” is the base for this mani with quatrefoil and a French Lily

Today’s nails are green because it’s Wednesday and I want to participte in Karin’s “Green Wednesday at her blog Vacker & Underbar. You know how it works by now 😉  Read the rest of this entry

Silence is green?!

"The Silence" Colors by llarowe

“The Silence” Colors by llarowe

Green Wednesday at Vacker & Underbar and today I’m joining with a gorgeous flakie from Colors by Llarowe named “The Silence”. This flakie shifts in orange and green and is really beautiful over an orange color or a green one. As my base I have a green polish from MIYO named “Lemon”. This polish was quite sheer so I had to paint 3 coats to get it opaque. I don’t know much about the brand, I just grabbed a few bottles at a sale 😉

Anyway “Lemon” is just my base for the main act, “The Silence”. At swatch pictures I’ve seen it over burnt orange and dark plum but not over green and I really like this effect, especially with matte top coat on. Let’s mattify all the flakies!!

The Silence Colors by Llarowe

I don’t know about you but I think this mani is really nice and full of spring feelings. Lovely!

Edgy Aquamarine

Nail Pattern Boldness "Aquamarine"

Nail Pattern Boldness “Aquamarine”

Today it’s Wednesday again and I’m wearing green to participate in “Grön onsdag”/Green Wednesday at Vacker & Underbar. I decided to try on a new dark green polish I just got the other day. It’s a store exclusive polish for Edgy Polish from Nail Pattern Boldness called “Aquamarine”. It’s a dark green jelly filled with magenta glitter. It dries kind of textured due to the glitter so top coat is a must if you want glossy nails! The formula was good but because it’s a jelly I had to paint 3 coats to get it opaque.

It’s a beautiful polish … but, I can’t really tell what’s wrong, it just doesn’t do the trick for me :-/ Sad, because it’s gorgeous, but not on me. Well, sometimes it’s just not right.

Exclusive for Edgy Polish, "Aquamarine" from Nail Pattern Boldness

Exclusive for Edgy Polish, “Aquamarine” from Nail Pattern Boldness

A bit closer

A bit closer

Chartreuse thermal


Today I have a yellow/green polish to show you. This is a polish from Essence that I’ve got from a dear friend on IG. I wore this mani last week but never got around to write a blog post about it but it’s very suitable for Green Wednesday at Vacker & Underbar 🙂

Essence "Charlie seen in green"

Essence “Charlie seen in green” for today’s “Green Wednesday”

“Charlie seen in green” shifts from green (when cold) to greenish yellow (when hot), aka Chartreuse. Chartreuse isn’t really my top choice of color but this surprised me a little. I liked it more than I first thought I would.

I decided to stamp over it, as I was dying to try my new stamping polishes from Mundo de Unas.  I’ve painted three thin coats of Essence “Charlie seen in green” and then I stamped with Moyou “Mother Nature” plate 01 with Mundo de Unas in no 40 “Light gold”.

Stamped thermal

Stamped thermal

charlie 7

Now you’d better jump to Vacker & Underbar to see more green manis 🙂

Bottle green nails

Picture Polish "Mallard"

Picture Polish “Mallard”

It’s Wednesday today and time for green nails according to Swedish blogger “Vacker & Underbar”. I decided to join with the beautiful bottle green polish “Mallard” from Picture Polish.

Deep green with golden flecks

Deep green with golden flecks

The polish is a deep green jelly with green and gold glass flecks. I had to paint three thin coats to get full opacity on all nails, I maybe could have got away with two coats on some nails but I did three. It’s really beautiful when the lights hit the nails and shows the golden flecks. In lower light the nails look almost black.

mallard 7

mallard 2

As of no daylight left when I get home from work I had to take all pictures with either flash or direct light from spotlights. Unfortunately I don’t have a light box yet but it’s on my wishlist for my birthday 😉 so this photos is the ones I got.

Head over to Karin’s blogg “Vacker & Underbar” to see more green manicures!!

Outside, daylight

Outside, daylight. I love the glass flecks in green and gold

mallard 9