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Grey, grey, grey

Grey, grey, grey

Grey, grey, grey

I’m wearing grey today so I wanted to have matching nails 🙂 I love to match my nails with my clothes, or do I match my clothes to my nails, I think it’s the last 😀

For this mani I have used OPI “Dark side of the Mood” and Glam Polish “Pentacle” as an accent. “Dark side of the mood” is part of OPI’s 50 shades of grey collection. It is a smoky dark grey, almost black but grey polish, it has a quite sheer formula though it’s a dark color, I have three coats on the pictures. Maybe you can get away with two but I wanted full opacity so I painted three. Otherwise it’s a nice creme like OPI’s use to be. Glam Polish “Pentacle”is a dark grey jelly filled with holographic glitter. The formula is great, two coats plus top 🙂

OPI "Dark side of the mood"

OPI “Dark side of the mood” with Glam Polish “Pentacle” on my ringfinger

I tried to hold both polish bottles, I have too small hands ... lol

I tried to hold both polish bottles, I have too small hands … lol

Swirly winter nails


There’s no snow in the south of Sweden where I live, it’s just grey and dark 😩 and today I’m sporting grey nails as well. Not just an ordinary grey but a stunning grey crelly/holo polish from Glam Polish called “Avalanche”. To sparkle it up a bit I added swirls with nail vinyls  from Twinkled T  and Glam Polish “Bewitched”. Using nail vinyls is easy nail art for beginners. Just make sure your polish base is dry before you start!

Glam Polish "Avalanche", photo with flash

Glam Polish “Avalanche”, photo with flash

This mani was tricky to photograph … No natural light in the evenings (and I don’t yet have a light box) and with flash I get the holo finish to show but the swirl patterns isn’t showing very well. On the other hand a photo without flash gets quite dark but then the swirl pattern is showing.

No flash, dark picture but here you can see the nice swirl pattern.

No flash, dark picture but here you can see the nice swirl pattern.

Strangely enough my pictures is showing much more blue tone to the polish than in real life and in daylight. And yeah, I haven’t figured out photo editing programs yet. You just have to bare with me ’til I figure this whole photographing thing out.

I have bought both bottles, “Avalanche” and “Bewitched” from Edgy Polish.


A little of the holo effect is showing …

“Avalanche” has great formula, this is two coats over Aqua Fix base coat, plus top coat.

Black Dahlia Lacquer “South Congress Bats”


In Austin (Tx) they have a bridge namned Congress Avenue Bridge where millions of bats stay under spring and summer. I’ve never been to Austin but a friend of mine has and she went to the bridge, it’s really crowded with bats. Black Dahlia Lacquer, an indie nail polish brand, origins from Texas and in their Capital Collection they have a nail polish called “South Congress Bats”.


The polish is gorgeous! It’s an army green to grey leaning scattered holo. It applies like butter, I have two coats on the pictures and maybe if you apply thicker you could get away with one?

I really love grey leaning holos … I have a few … pink to grey, lavender to grey, brown to grey …DSC_0469

Today I tested “Aqua Fix” base coat from Make Up Store for the first time. It’s a aqua based base coat for holographic polish that prevents application issues (aka holo sickness). 


Look at this gorgeous macro shot!