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Molten Minx

Lilypad Lacquer Molten Minx

Lilypad Lacquer “Molten Minx”

I’m very fond of nudish gray/brown colors and this is a very good example of my taste! This is Lilypad Lacquer “Molten Minx”, a holographic polish that’s grayish brown/bronze and very beautiful. Two easy coats and top coat – good to go! I bought this from Edgy Polish who’s a new stockist of this Australian indie brand.  Read the rest of this entry

Wild orchid

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Black Dahlia Lacquer “Wild Orchid”

Today I’ve got a gorgeous orchid colored polish from Black Dahlia Lacquer to show you. It’s called “Wild orchid” and it’s a pinkish purple or purplish pink 😀 No, orchid purple is the best term, I think! Anyway, it’s a stunning color and it’s a holographic polish so I’m in love! I saw a swatch of this polish about two weeks ago and just knew I had to get my hands on it. So glad I did!

It’s part of their new Valentine’s day blogger collaboration, it’s total 6 shades in this collection.

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Yummie purple!

The formula is great but I needed 3 coats to get full opacity. Maybe you could get away with 2 coats but I did 3 quite thin coats.

You can order Black Dahlia Lacquer from their own website or on Etsy.

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Bottle shot!

All about turquoise

Cirque "Cerrillos"

Cirque “Cerrillos”

Today I have a gorgeous turquoise polish to show you – “Cerrillos” from Cirque Colors. I bought this in June last year and haven’t worn it until now(!) I ask myself why? because it’s absolutely beautiful!!

“Cerrillos” is a linear holographic and it gets opaque in two coats. For my long and ring finger I topped “Cerrillos” with a stunning glitter from Homei “17T”. Homei is a Taiwanese brand I think and I got this polish, along with 3 others, from a friend in Japan 🙂  All my photos are taken indoors sadly, with flash, but at least you can see some of the holo effect.

Cirque Colors "Cerrillos"

Cirque Colors “Cerrillos”

Homei color 17T

Homei color 17T

I think these two polishes compliment each other perfectly

I think these two polishes compliment each other perfectly

My bottle of “Cerrillos” I bought from Edgy Polish and I got Homei from a friend in Japan. I really don’t know if they have any retailers outside Asia or if you can order direct from them.

Burning purple

Darling Diva "It burns us"

Darling Diva “It burns us”

When I saw this polish on Darling Divas website I knew I had to get my hands on it. This is “It burns us” from the Mr DDP Collection from Darling Diva Polish. It is a purple scattered holo filled with red glitter in it that gives the polish an extra dimension.

It burns us DDP

With flash

The application was smooth as butter and on the pictures I have two coats over Aqua Fix base coat and then top coat of course.

DDP It burns us

Outdoors, no flash (no sunshine)

Darling Diva It burns us

Indoors with flash

This was the first time I ordered directly from Darling Diva, the few other shades I have I have bought from Edgy Polish. The shipping was very quick though, a week later from my order I had the polishes in my mailbox 🙂 A big like!

Swirly winter nails


There’s no snow in the south of Sweden where I live, it’s just grey and dark 😦 and today I’m sporting grey nails as well. Not just an ordinary grey but a stunning grey crelly/holo polish from Glam Polish called “Avalanche”. To sparkle it up a bit I added swirls with nail vinyls  from Twinkled T  and Glam Polish “Bewitched”. Using nail vinyls is easy nail art for beginners. Just make sure your polish base is dry before you start!

Glam Polish "Avalanche", photo with flash

Glam Polish “Avalanche”, photo with flash

This mani was tricky to photograph … No natural light in the evenings (and I don’t yet have a light box) and with flash I get the holo finish to show but the swirl patterns isn’t showing very well. On the other hand a photo without flash gets quite dark but then the swirl pattern is showing.

No flash, dark picture but here you can see the nice swirl pattern.

No flash, dark picture but here you can see the nice swirl pattern.

Strangely enough my pictures is showing much more blue tone to the polish than in real life and in daylight. And yeah, I haven’t figured out photo editing programs yet. You just have to bare with me ’til I figure this whole photographing thing out.

I have bought both bottles, “Avalanche” and “Bewitched” from Edgy Polish.


A little of the holo effect is showing …

“Avalanche” has great formula, this is two coats over Aqua Fix base coat, plus top coat.

Holo nails!


Tonight I’ve got an amazing holo to show you! It’s “My broken down crop duster” from Colors by Llarowe. It’s a dark brown holographic shade, almost black! The holo effect is amazing, a strong linear holo that shimmers like a rainbow!


“My broken down crop duster” Colors by Llarowe

The formula was great, no problems at all with the appliction though I used Aqua Fix base coat from M.U.S. so I’m not sure how it would react with ordinary base coat. On my pictures I have two coats plus top.


photo with flash

I think this polish is more beautiful than OPI’s “My private jet” but I don’t own the original version, my bottle isn’t very much holographic and this polish is veeeery holographic. Look at the rainbows!!! I like it a lot!



Looks almost black

New year’s nails


An updated post with more pictures (2015-01-02) Just a quick post from my mobile … I’ve got to post a pic of my new year’s nails! I promised sparkling nails and this is my most sparkling polish I own.
Glam Polish “Bewitched”.

I really don’t have words for how beautiful this polish is!! It sparkles so much!! It’s a silver holographic base with larger round holographic glitters that really gives an extra dimension to this polish.

Pic taken with my mobile phone (HTC One)

Indoors, flash

   Indoors, flash

Two coats over ordinary base coat and one coat of top coat gives this dazzling look!


Outside, no flash

Outside, no flash


This is like having crushed diamonds on my nails, I love it!!!

You can buy Glam Polish from Edgy Polish, they offer world wide shipping!

I promise to update this post tomorrow with better photos but untill then I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! I hope 2015 will be a really good year ❤