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Parisian chic


Sometimes when you get new stuff in the mail you get stoked and indecisive and don’t know where to begin, at least I do, but yesterday was the opposite …

I got nail mail from both Über Chic Beauty and Pretty Polish and knew right away what I wanted to create. I received two of the new mini plates from Über Chic (succulents and Paris in Love) and just couldn’t wait using images from the Paris one straight away.


Pic taken from Über Chic Beauty

Just look at all the fun, chic and beautiful images. J’adore!

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Easter nail art



Happy Easter 🐤 (if you celebrate).

I’ve done three different Easter manis in different techniques,  all pretty and fun in their own way. Read the rest of this entry

Adidas nails


It’s been a while since I last published a post. But since I’m having Instagram silence* today I thought I’d post today’s mani here. I think one reason that I stopped blogging was that I thought it was too time consuming but today I posted from my smart phone and it was so easy … so maybe I’ll start writing posts again.

*due to the annonced changes of the Instagram feed a lot of nail artist, including me, are boycotting Instagram for 24 hours.



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Deep purple


No, I’m not talking about the hard rock band Deep Purple … I’m talking about the gorgeous “I mist this (color in my life)” from Chick Pick Polish 😀

Kari’s new matte collection is amazing. Well pigmented and very nice finish. She started her own indie line of polish late last year and offers international shipping through her online shop. Well, back to the polish.

"I mist this (color in my life)" from Chick Pick Polish

“I mist this (color in my life)” from Chick Pick Polish

“I mist this (color in my life)” is a blackened purple with shimmer which makes the polish almost look metallic even though it’s matte! I really love this polish. The application is flawless. The first coat won’t cover the nail but the second coat evens it all up and you’re done 🙂 I always use base coat under my nail polish, and this time is no exception. I used OPI “Natural base coat” and let it dry completely before I begun to paint with the purple.

I added some triangle studs to accent the hard rock vibe ...

I added some triangle studs to accent the hard rock vibe …

I don't have anything like this polish before, truly unique in my collection

I don’t own anything like this polish before, truly unique in my collection

Panda nails

Glam Polish "Tinker Bell" with Chick Pick Polish "Fresh Snow" as an accent with a panda water decal

Glam Polish “Tinker Bell” with Chick Pick Polish “Fresh Snow” as an accent with a panda water decal

For today’s nails I’ve used Glam Polish (again, it’s my favorite brand), a new matte polish from Chick Pick Polish and panda water decals from Born Pretty Store (BLE1493). I really like how these turned out! Cute and funky 🙂

Glam Polish “Tinker Bell” is really a bright lime green. I love it, you must feel happy with such green nails!! This is two coats and top coat. And the white matte polish “Snow Fresh” from Chick Pick Polish is gorgeous. This is three thin coats and of course no top coat.

It's hard holding two bottles! Ha ha!

It’s hard holding two bottles! Ha ha!

This is very suitable for "grön onsdag" (green Wednesday" at the blogg Vacker & Underbar

This is very suitable for “grön onsdag” (green Wednesday) at the blogg Vacker & Underbar

This is my contribution to Green Wednesday at the Swedish blogg Vacker & Underbar, go there to see more green manis!!

Leather nails


Matte nails are going to be big this spring. ESSIE is releasing a matte collection (I’ve ordered 4 out of 6 shades of the collection “Cashmere Matte”) and of course some dear indie brands are going to rock matte polishes. You’re gonna see a lot of matte manis from me in the future.

Today I’m gonna show you one of the polishes I got by mail from a dear friend in southern Europe. She was visiting Germany recently and bought a lot of polishes and some were for me ❤ How awesome is that!?!
I got three shades of P2 polishes and one KIKO. Neither P2 or KIKO are sold in Sweden so this is double fun! I’ve chosen the wine red P2 polish with the name “Dresscode: Trendy”. Its finish is “leather matte”which dries to a slightly textured matte finish. Two coats and no top coat.

Leather matte from P2

Leather matte from P2

The playing card charm on my ring finger is from Twinkled T. I used nail glue to attach it to the nail.

P2 "Dress code: Trendy"

P2 “Dress code: Trendy”

I really like how this looks. The color is a very classy shade but the texture adds something new too the look and then ofc I like my little playing card charm. Hope you like them too.

El Corazon 171


This is my first bottle from the Russian brand El Corazon. I ordered it from www.hypnoticpolish.com. Much easier access than order it directly from El Corazon, but of course can you do that as well. 🙂

El Corazon Matte & Shine Effect no. 171. It’s a gorgeous bottle which holds 16 ml of polish. Good brush and easy application.

El Corazon 171 bottle shot

El Corazon 171 bottle shot

The shade is vanilla beige with golden shimmer and it dries matte.  It’s also a OCW (one coat wonder). I think it’s a gorgeous shade and it’s also very work appropriate. I can wear almost any shade of polish at work (maybe my boss lifts an eyebrow sometimes) without any problems but I realize not everyone is as lucky as I am.

El Corazon 171

El Corazon 171

El Corazon 171

One coat (OCW) without any top coat.

I will defitely buy more polishes from this brand.