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Silence is green?!

"The Silence" Colors by llarowe

“The Silence” Colors by llarowe

Green Wednesday at Vacker & Underbar and today I’m joining with a gorgeous flakie from Colors by Llarowe named “The Silence”. This flakie shifts in orange and green and is really beautiful over an orange color or a green one. As my base I have a green polish from MIYO named “Lemon”. This polish was quite sheer so I had to paint 3 coats to get it opaque. I don’t know much about the brand, I just grabbed a few bottles at a sale 😉

Anyway “Lemon” is just my base for the main act, “The Silence”. At swatch pictures I’ve seen it over burnt orange and dark plum but not over green and I really like this effect, especially with matte top coat on. Let’s mattify all the flakies!!

The Silence Colors by Llarowe

I don’t know about you but I think this mani is really nice and full of spring feelings. Lovely!