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Adidas nails


It’s been a while since I last published a post. But since I’m having Instagram silence* today I thought I’d post today’s mani here. I think one reason that I stopped blogging was that I thought it was too time consuming but today I posted from my smart phone and it was so easy … so maybe I’ll start writing posts again.

*due to the annonced changes of the Instagram feed a lot of nail artist, including me, are boycotting Instagram for 24 hours.



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Hello Hawaii Ya?

Hello Hawaii Ya? from OPI

OPI “Hello Hawaii Ya?”

When I saw early swatches from OPI’s spring collection Hawaii I just knew that I must have this polish! ❤ This is “Hello Hawaii Ya?, a beautiful dusty purple very suitable for pale winter skin 🙂 Covers in two coats, perfect finish, easy application, well, everything is just right about this polish!

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?

Two easy coats and top coat

I wore this polish the other day and I enjoyed looking at my nails the whole time. It’s a very pleasant shade that goes with almost everything. So for me this is a must-buy from the OPI Hawaii collection! 😀

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?

I just love this dusty purple shade

My unloved ones


I was tagged by a sweet friend on Instagram to show polishes that I have in my stash that I never use, dislike but can’t get ride of or give away. They might come handy one day, you never know!?!! 😀

My unloved ones

My unloved ones

In the photo:
♦ Zoya “Bijou”, such a lovely color but too sheer formula, I’ve never used it.
Delush Polish “Moves like Jagger”, a lovely blue glitter polish, but every time I try to do a mani with it the nails get too thick and I remove it. It seems I can’t get friends with it’s formula. The swatches I seen with it is lovely though … maybe some day…
♦ Kicks Nail Lacquer “Miss Preppy”, too dull blue, I’ve never used it.
♦ ESSIE “Eternal optimist” is just the wrong color for me, I’ve worn it once.
♦ Nails Inc “Chelsea square” is a weird glitter topper(?) I haven’t figured out how to wear it and I just don’t like the polish. I don’t know why I bought it.
♦ Isadora Wonder Nail “Peachy Colada” is a gorgeous peach shade but a bit wrong for my skin tone and I don’t like the formula, it applies streaky for some reason. Creme formulas from Isadora usually is very good so I don’t know what’s wrong with this one.
♦ Isadora Wonder Nail “City Khaki” is a polish I bough on sale and I don’t know why I bought it?!? When would a wear khaki colored nail polish
♦ OPI”Muppets world tour” is really pretty but somehow I never grab that bottle when I will use a glitter polish. I’ve used this polish for my mum’s nails though.

Do you have any unloved ones?

Flower nails


I have a lot of stamping plates but rarely use them 😦 so I’ve decided to do more stamped manicures in 2015. Practise makes perfect, doesn’t it?!?

For this manicure I’ve used Crows Toes “L’il miss Sunshine”, Chick Pick Polish “Golden Meadow”, a little China Glaze “Fairy Dust” (just one thin coat over green “Golden Meadow”) as a base and then stamped it with OPI “Do you have this color in Stock-holm?” . The stamping plate I used is Princess 01 from Moyou and I chose a flower pattern.

Crows Toes "L'il Miss Sunshine" plus Chick Pick Polish "Golden Meadow"

Crows Toes “L’il Miss Sunshine” plus Chick Pick Polish “Golden Meadow”

Crows Toes “L’il Miss Sunshine” is a beautiful purple shimmer polish with Microsoft flakes/shimmer that shifts in green, silver and violet blue. I have three coats on my pictures.

Chick Pick Polish “Golden Meadow” is a warm golden to olive green chrome polish. Two coats plus one thin coat of China Glaze “Fairy Dust” to add a little sparkle to match the purple.

Stamping done with Princess plate 01 from Moyou London

Stamping done with Princess plate 01 from Moyou London

I think this mani turned out to be very spring-like, I think of tulips when I see my nails and I just love tulips!

Spring emotions :)

A spring-like mani in the wait for spring, yes I wait for spring as early as January 😉

Finally a picture without flash, a bit dark but you see different colors ...

Finally a picture without flash, a bit dark but you see different colors …

You can buy Crows Toes from many shops, this bottle I bought from Harlow & Co. Chick Pick Polish is only available from Kari’s shop. This particular bottle I’ve got for review/swatch.

Happy birthday Morris!


Today our cat Morris turns 1 year! Happy birthday Morris!!



Morris is a Devon Rex, and he’s a typical Devon who likes to sit on our shoulders, nap under the bed covers at night with me when it’s chilly outside and sounds “quirky” when he wants something special. We all love him very much ❤ ❤ ❤

To celebrate Morris I have of course a cat mani to show you! For this look I have used a custom made polish from Nayll (that I named “Gorgeous Teal”), OPI “My dogsled is a hybrid”, Lime Crime “Milky Ways” and chevron vinys from Nailvinyls.com and water decals (I think I bought the water decals at http://www.foxyfingertips.dk)


Happy birthday skittlette in honor of Morris!


Custom made polish from Nayll, OPI “My dogsled is a hybrid” and Lime Crime “Milky Ways”

Lime Crime “Milky Ways” is a gorgeous vanilla white polish, it becomes opaque in two coats, the first coat may appear a little streaky but that evens out with coat no 2.

OPI “My dogsled is a hybrid” is from OPI’s fall collection 2014, Nordic. It’s a muted jade/aqua/teal shade that I love very much!

My custom made polish from Nayll is consists of a teal jelly base, multiple glitters in aqua, turquoise and gold (maybe more colors, I really don’t remember them all) and white star glitters. I made three polishes, two for me and one for my youngest daughter as a Christmas gift. This teal shade is the first that I try on. On my pictures I have one(1) coat only. Wow, it’s a OCW!!

Nayll Custom made polish

My custom made polish from Nayll “Gorgeous Teal”

The chevron vinyls from Nail Vinyls are very easy to work with. Just remember to wait for your base coat to dry, I always use fast drying top coat (HK Girl from Glisten & Glow) and then I wait 20-30 min before I apply my vinyls.

cat skittlette 1

cat skittlette 2

cat skittlette 3

Barbie pink


TGIF! I just love Fridays ❤ The work week is done, yay! Today it’s gonna be a pink Friday – I think pink is very suitable for Fridays, pink is party, fun and girlie so today’s mani is very PINK, you could almost call it Barbie pink.

It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

For this mani I have used two untried polishes, the pink glitter from Dollish Polish “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” I bought almost a year ago but haven’t worn it. I have paired it with OPI “Suzi has a Swede tooth”. I’ve also used flat back pearls for decoration.

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” (ISFIGD) is a light pink glitter polish, the glitters settles in the bottle and you have to put the bottle upside down for a while before you paint. I also put some polish on a bit of paper and fished out the bigger glitters and have placed them on the nails here and there to even out the glitter spread. I have three thin coats on the pictures plus top coat.

“Suzi has a Swede tooth” (SHAST) is a bright blue toned pink that becomes opaque with two coats, maybe even one if you’re careful.

This is a fun, bright and very girlie manicure, I hope you’ll like it!!

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Dollish Polish “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die! and OPI “Suzi has a Swede tooth”

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Three thin coats of ISFIGD and two coats of SHAST

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"

Dollish Polish "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! and OPI "Suzi has a Swede tooth"