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Wild orchid

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Black Dahlia Lacquer “Wild Orchid”

Today I’ve got a gorgeous orchid colored polish from Black Dahlia Lacquer to show you. It’s called “Wild orchid” and it’s a pinkish purple or purplish pink 😀 No, orchid purple is the best term, I think! Anyway, it’s a stunning color and it’s a holographic polish so I’m in love! I saw a swatch of this polish about two weeks ago and just knew I had to get my hands on it. So glad I did!

It’s part of their new Valentine’s day blogger collaboration, it’s total 6 shades in this collection.

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Yummie purple!

The formula is great but I needed 3 coats to get full opacity. Maybe you could get away with 2 coats but I did 3 quite thin coats.

You can order Black Dahlia Lacquer from their own website or on Etsy.

Black Dahlia Lacquer "Wild Orchid"

Bottle shot!


Hello Hawaii Ya?

Hello Hawaii Ya? from OPI

OPI “Hello Hawaii Ya?”

When I saw early swatches from OPI’s spring collection Hawaii I just knew that I must have this polish! ❤ This is “Hello Hawaii Ya?, a beautiful dusty purple very suitable for pale winter skin 🙂 Covers in two coats, perfect finish, easy application, well, everything is just right about this polish!

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?

Two easy coats and top coat

I wore this polish the other day and I enjoyed looking at my nails the whole time. It’s a very pleasant shade that goes with almost everything. So for me this is a must-buy from the OPI Hawaii collection! 😀

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?

I just love this dusty purple shade

Purple skittlette with a bow

Purple skittlette

Purple skittlette

It’s time for “texture Tuesday” and today I’ve done a purple skittlette with Isadora “Fresh Linen” (from their new spring collection) on my pinkie and thumb, textured “Cotton Candy”, also from Isadora, on my long finger and pointer and Make Up Store “Lina” on my ring finger where I also placed a bow (bought from Light in the Box).

Cute and girlie

Cute and girly

I just love how this mani turned out ❤ It’s cute and girly, and yes, sometimes I like it girly even though I’m over 40 years old(!) I guess the girl in me never disappears *lol*
I love how the different purples complement each other. I like doing skittlettes, it’s a fun way wearing more than one nail polish in the same mani 🙂

Mani with a bow

Mani with a bow

I don’t know if you see that I’ve got a slightly different nail shape? I’ve filed them more rounded. Maybe I’m going for a more almond shape in the future?! The main reason for changing my squovals into this is that I had difficulty writing on the keyboard, and as I work as a secretary that’s not a good thing. So, what do you think of the new shape?

Deep purple


No, I’m not talking about the hard rock band Deep Purple … I’m talking about the gorgeous “I mist this (color in my life)” from Chick Pick Polish 😀

Kari’s new matte collection is amazing. Well pigmented and very nice finish. She started her own indie line of polish late last year and offers international shipping through her online shop. Well, back to the polish.

"I mist this (color in my life)" from Chick Pick Polish

“I mist this (color in my life)” from Chick Pick Polish

“I mist this (color in my life)” is a blackened purple with shimmer which makes the polish almost look metallic even though it’s matte! I really love this polish. The application is flawless. The first coat won’t cover the nail but the second coat evens it all up and you’re done 🙂 I always use base coat under my nail polish, and this time is no exception. I used OPI “Natural base coat” and let it dry completely before I begun to paint with the purple.

I added some triangle studs to accent the hard rock vibe ...

I added some triangle studs to accent the hard rock vibe …

I don't have anything like this polish before, truly unique in my collection

I don’t own anything like this polish before, truly unique in my collection

Majestic purple

Such a majestic purple shade

Such a majestic purple shade

Majestic purple with a tone of magenta, shimmer and a scattered holo ❤  that’s my decription of A England “Crown of thistles” from their Elizabeth & Mary collection.

Two easy coats plus top

Two easy coats plus top

This polish has a smooth formula that applies like butter, two easy coats and you’re done 🙂

For this look I also applied black holo rhinestones. I put them on when my top coat is still wet, usually I don’t need to glue them. Theses rhinestones I bought from Twinkled T.

A little closer, look at the holo effect

A little closer, look at the magenta flash!

Unfortunately it’s very dark at winter here in Sweden so most days I don’t have time to photograph my nails in daylight, so all these photos is taken with flash. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can see the real holo effect.

Blue sky and sunshine!

Blue sky and sunshine!


Burning purple

Darling Diva "It burns us"

Darling Diva “It burns us”

When I saw this polish on Darling Divas website I knew I had to get my hands on it. This is “It burns us” from the Mr DDP Collection from Darling Diva Polish. It is a purple scattered holo filled with red glitter in it that gives the polish an extra dimension.

It burns us DDP

With flash

The application was smooth as butter and on the pictures I have two coats over Aqua Fix base coat and then top coat of course.

DDP It burns us

Outdoors, no flash (no sunshine)

Darling Diva It burns us

Indoors with flash

This was the first time I ordered directly from Darling Diva, the few other shades I have I have bought from Edgy Polish. The shipping was very quick though, a week later from my order I had the polishes in my mailbox 🙂 A big like!

L’Oréal Colour Riche “Kimono Empire”


Today (or actually it’s yesterday’s nails) I have a gorgeous dark plum, a very regal shade with a very suitable name “Kimono Empire” from L’Oréal Colour Riche to show you.

L'Oréal Colour Riche "Kimono Empire"

L’Oréal Colour Riche “Kimono Empire”, two coats, no top coat, look at the shine!

My husband really liked this shade, he said “you should always wear this, then you wouldn’t have to buy any more nail polish”. Bah, like that really would happen!! Ha ha!

Then I took out a polish bottle I bought in NJ, USA this summer at a local beauty shop. I think I paid $1 for it(!) It’s a Color Club Nail Lacquer with no name label on it. I think it’s “Covered in Diamonds” but I’m not quite sure. I painted two coats on my ringfinger and then top coat on all nails.

Color Club Nail Lacquer "Covered in Diamonds"?

Color Club Nail Lacquer “Covered in Diamonds”?

Kimono Empire + what I think is Color Club "Covered in Diamonds" on my ringfinger

Kimono Empire + what I think is Color Club “Covered in Diamonds” on my ringfinger

I think this dark purple is very suitable color for fall/winter and I surely will wear it soon again!